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Bread Dry Gulab Jamun

Bread dry gulab jamun is an easy to prepare sweet dish which I tried recently. Actually I was craving for angoori jamun and it was drizzling throughout the day. So I was lazy to go out and buy it from the shop. So I suppressed my sweet craving with chocolate in the refrigerator but it was in my mind to prepare a quick fix jamun at home.

So I took the help of our famous search engine (Google obviously) and checked many recipes. Finally, I found bread dry gulab jamun which is an easy to prepare recipe with available ingredients at home. Then I decided to prepare these beautiful bread dry gulab jamun and I have adapted the recipe from here.

We often have leftover breads in our pantry. Four to five bread slices are enough to make a small batch. Though the recipe is an easy one, you have to be little bit patient while frying the balls. It is important to fry the balls under low flame so that they are evenly fried on all the sides and at the same time they are not burnt.

So what to do eat when you crave for sweets when you don't have stock of that particular sweet. You can try these bread dry gulab jamun if you have stock of some leftover milk or sandwich bread slices.

Bread Dry Gulab Jamun
Bread Slices - 5
Milk - 1/4 cup
Maida - 1 tablespoon
Cooking Soda - 1/8 teaspoon
Powdered Sugar - 3 to 4 tablespoon
Refined oil - 3 to 4 cups (as required for deep frying)

Sugar syrup

Sugar - 1/3 cup
Water - 1/3 cup
Saffron Strands - few
Cardamom Powder - 1/8 teaspoon


1. Take sugar and water in a pan. Heat it up until the sugar dissolves completely. Boil it for sometime, when it becomes little sticky switch off gas and add cardamom powder and saffron strands. Mix it and keep aside.
2. Trim the crust (brown edges) of the bread and soak each of the bread into the milk and squeeze out the excess milk. 
3. Take all these breads into a blender and pulse it for few seconds. It helps to get a smooth dough.
4. Now take out these bread mixture into a bowl and add maida, cooking soda and mix them well to get a sticky dough. Do not knead for longer period.
5. Prepare small round shaped balls from the dough. Avoid pressing too much while making the balls.
6. Heat oil in a wok and deep fry the balls under low flame to avoid burning.

7. Once they are fried golden brown from all the sides, take them out in a tissue paper.
8. Later dip the fried balls into the warm sugar syrup and allow them to soak the syrup for at least 1 hour.
9. Later take out each ball and roll them on powdered sugar and bread dry gulab jamuns are ready.

Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Tomato Chutney

Chutneys are part of our meal or we love them with our snacks. Chutneys make your meal tasty and interesting. Isn't it? Chutneys are normally savour in nature but some of them are sweet too especially the Bengali chutney's.
Here are some sweet chutneys...
Red Plum Chutney
Pineapple Chutney

Today I am sharing a savoury chutney recipe, roasted red bell pepper and tomato chutney. I have used very less oil to prepare this chutney. I have roasted both bell pepper and tomato and because of that chutney gets a smoky flavour too. 

Red bell pepper has lot of nutritional benefits. Tomato and red bell pepper both have sour taste, hence I have used little sugar to balance the tangy taste. Over all the chutney has tangy, spicy and bit sweet and salty in taste which will make your taste buds really happy. 

You can pair this chutney with idli, dosa, paratha or curd rice. So next time when you are picking red bell pepper in your shopping basket don't forget to try out this healthy and tasty roasted red bell pepper and tomato chutney. 

Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Tomato Chutney


Red Bell Pepper - 1
Tomato - 1
Salt to taste
Sugar - 1 teaspoon
Refined Oil - 1 tablespoon + few drops for greasing
Curry Leaves - few
Mustard Seeds - 1 teaspoon
Red Chilli - 1 or 2


1. Brush little all over the red bell pepper and tomato.
2. Now roast each of them over the flame by slowly rotating all the sides.
3. Allow to cool them and slowly remove the skin.
4. After that chop the skin out roasted bell pepper and tomato.
5. Take the chopped vegetables in a blender add red chilli, sugar and salt and make a smooth paste. If required add little water into it.
6. Take out the smooth paste in a bowl.
7. Heat oil in a pan and add curry leaves and mustard seeds. Once they start crackling add the oil along with curry leaves and mustard seeds on top of the roasted bell pepper and tomato paste (tadka).
7. Heat oil in a pan and add curry leaves and mustard seeds. Once they start crackling, add the paste and cook for 3 to 4 minutes.
8. Chutney or dip is ready to serve.

Little Millet Khichdi / Sama Chaler Khichuri / Samai Khichdi

Little Millet Khichdi is my today's post. In Bengali little millet is known as sama chal. Millets are type of grains used for fodder and human food.  Millets are kind of magical grains and have lot of nutrition values. They are good for weight loss as well as diabetic people. People who are allergic to gluten, they can consume millets as they are gluten-free.

Is millet something new that came to the market holding the hand of supermarkets?

And the answer is no... Our ancestors were well aware of the nutritional benefits of millets and they had some traditional recipes (different recipes in different parts of India) to include millet in their diet. Few years back I did not have any idea about the name 'millet' though I was well aware with the name of ragi (Foxtail Millet), Jowar (Sorghum), Bajra (Pearl Millet), Sama (Little Millet) and many more. Yes, I was not aware of their English names.

Today I am sharing little millet khichdi recipe which my mom used to prepare. This is a very wholesome meal with no onion or no garlic. In some parts of  India, Little Millet Khichdi is prepared for fasting days. That recipe is different from the recipe I am sharing here. In the fasting sama khichdi normally dal is not used. I have added moong dal along with seasonal vegetables to make it a healthy one pot meal. This can be cooked in a single pot (pressure cooker). A nutritious meal when you are in a hurry or just no mood to cook or in a mood to eat comfort food. It could be a very good meal for diabetic person and in that case avoid adding potatoes.

Preparation time - 10 minutes
Cooking time - 40 minutes
Serves - 2

Little Millet Khichdi / Sama Chaler Khichuri / Samai Khichdi


Little Millet - 1 cup
Yellow Moong Dal - 2/3 cup
Potato - 1 medium, cut into elongated shape
Carrot - 1 medium, cut into elongated shape
Beans - 6 to 7, cut into 2 inch long
Cauliflower - 8 to 10 florets
Green Peas - 2 tablespoon
Green Chilli - 1 or 2
Bay Leaf - 1
Ghee - 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Ginger Paste - 1 teaspoon
Cumin Powder - 1 teaspoon
Coriander Powder - 1 teaspoon
Turmeric Powder - 1 teaspoon
Refined Oil - 2 tablespoon

1. Wash little millet and moong dal separately and keep aside.
2. Heat oil in a pressure cooker and add a bay leaf.
3. Add potato and carrot and stir for few minutes.
4. Later add beans, green peas and cauliflower florets. Stir them for some time.
5. Add salt and turmeric powder and mix them well.
6. Next add ginger paste, green chilli, cumin powder and coriander powder. Mix them well under low flame to avoid burning.
7. Now add moong dal and little millet into the cooker and mix with all the spices.
8. After 5  minutes add water accordingly and close the lid of the pressure cooker.
9. Wait for 2 to 3 whistles under medium flame.
10.Once the pressure releases open the lid and mix it with a ladle carefully.
11. At this moment if you feel the khichdi has soaked all the water, you can add little water and boil for few minutes without the lid.
12. Check the seasoning and when the consistency is just right, switch off the gas and drizzle ghee on top and serve hot with pickle or papad.