Mango Milkshake

I was going through yesterday's newspaper where it was mentioned pre-monsoon showers have already started and monsoon is coming on time. We, Bangloreans are experienced rains in the month of May which has started already. But other places of India is still feeling the impact of Summer heat wave. Even few days back Bangalore was too hot and it feels good when your better-half enters the kitchen on weekend and come out with the chilled glass of Mango Milkshake.

I think there are very few people in our country who does not relish mangoes. So our family is not an exception. He bought mangoes in bulk but before the vacation (yes I am on vacation :)) I was loaded with projects and could not find time to use those ripe mangoes. So he announced a day before that he is going to make a delicious mango milkshake next day. He often announces but sometimes he forgets to execute :P...But our daughter did a good follow up job so next day I relished the glassful of mango milkshake. In between I did another job, I told once the shake is ready call me I will pour and garnish them and click pics so that I can post them here as I knew my blog does not have the recipe of mango milkshake. I give the credit of mango milkshake recipe to my dear husband. Thank you Avijit!

Mango Milkshake


Ripe Mango - chopped, 2 cups
Milk - 11/2 to 2 cups, chilled
Sugar - 2 to 3 tablespoon


1. Take the chopped mangoes in a blender and make a smooth puree.
2. Add the milk and sugar in the blender and blend once again.
3. Pour in the glass and serve chill.

Tips: If you are not using chilled milk after preparing keep the milkshake in refrigerator for 1 hour and serve it chilled/

Epigamia - Be Healthier with Greek Yogurt ~ Product Review

Who doesn't like to receive gifts??
Recently I received these colorful packs from Epigamia which made me really happy! This is a perfect gift to a food-blogger during Summer. Thank you Epigamia.

Normally you get varieties of flavoured yogurt in market however, Epigamia has brought unique range of Greek yogurts. Their product range has some popular and unique flavours including Alphonso Mango, Strawberry, Blueberry, Honey Banana, Vanilla Beans, Natural and Green apple.

Epigamia Greek Yogurts are special as they are

  • made from purest cow's milk
  • great for weight loss or muscle gain
  • good source of calcium
  • low fat, low carbs
  • 100% vegetarian
  • all milk protein
  • probiotics help digestion and lower bad cholesterol

I loved all the flavours of Greek yogurt from Epigamia whereas our little one picked up her favourite strawberry flavour. What I loved about Epigamia products that each flavour contains original fruit pulp which gives you the exact taste of the fruit in the yogurt. They don't use preservatives or colors or synthetic flavours.

They have another exciting product which is Snack pack for your choti bukh. We feel hungry in between our big meals, in this condition you can't concentrate on your work. Epigamia has come up with an unique solution with their Snackpack which will satisfy your sudden hunger strikes. Following are the snackpack ranges:

  • Jalapeno Greek Yogurt with Barley puffs
  • Strawberry Greek Yogurt with Chunky Granola
  • Cream & Onion Greek Yogurt with Barley Puffs
  • Mango Greek Yogurt with Chunky Granola

This flavours are unique, aren't they?

If someone doesn't have a sweet tooth, no issues they can try Jalapeno Greek Yogurt or Cream & Onion Greek Yogurt with Barley Puffs.

Greek yogurt is widely used to prepare different types of dips. The texture of the Epigamia product is so creamy and rich I could not resist myself to prepare a yogurt garlic dip. Here is the recipe of yogurt garlic dip.

Yogurt Garlic Sauce / Yogurt Garlic Dip


Greek Yogurt - 1 cup
Salt to taste
Garlic Cloves - 4 to 5
Black peppercorn - 4 to 5
Black Salt - 1/4 teaspoon
Mint Leaves for garnishing


1.Take garlic cloves and black peppercorns in a mortar and pestle and crush well.
2. Now take Greek yogurt in a bowl and add crushed garlic, peppercorn, salt, black salt and mix well.
3. Serve the dip garnishing with mint leaves.

The Plattershare Feedback Campaign

Few days back when I logged into my FB account an update pooped in and it immediately caught my eyes! The update said share your feedback about Plattershare...I couldn't resist myself and commented immediately saying Plattershare is a wonderful platform for the home chefs and food bloggers rather I should say for the foodies. I also affirmatively told I will participate in this feedback campaign  of Plattershare.

Image Courtesy: Plattershare

So while penning down my feedback about plattershare I would like to thank to the plattershare team for their good work in this short span of time and given us an opportunity to like a . As the name suggests, you can share your platter with all the foodies there by sharing, recipes, food stories and many more food related updates. My association with plattershare started very recently in a regular manner and got an opportunity to take part in a healthy breakfast campaign of a brand.  It was an awesome experience! Belly Nirvana - Plattershare Associate Program gives an exposure to the various brand association.

Image Courtesy: Plattershare

A  recent update from the  healthy breakfast campaign

I have downloaded the plattershare in my smartphone, so that I can easily log in whenever I want. Being a foodie I like to read articles related to food and I feel 'food stories' is the most interesting section of plattershare. You get recipes in various websites however, you hardly get to read the food stories which are really interesting. These stories inspire me and I try to learn from them. Few days back food blogger Neha Mathur shared the Food styling secrets which I found to be very useful.

Plattershare organizes contest every-week on various themes and a celebrity chef choose the winner. The best recipe is selected by them with their valuable feedback. I found this system is very transparent. These contests really boost the confidence of all the homechefs and food bloggers. People who does not have their own blog but they are brilliant chef can also share their recipe and participate in the contests.

Plattershare is a true social media for Food Enthusiasts. Once you share your recipe to plattershare platform, you can easily share it to various social media like facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest, with just a click.

There is a section called Restaurant in plattershare which not very active. I feel it would have been great if I could have searched the popular restaurants with location in the various cities. This would have obsoleted the chance of another installation of food related app in my smartphone.

I would love to see a live video option, so that we can see lot of live food videos. I wish plattershare team incorporates this feature soon.

I thank plattershare once again to giving a wonderful platform to all the foodies out there! I wish plattershare to become a successful food network in coming years.. 

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