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Mango Mastani

My last post was a mango drink, that is aam panna which was like by many of you. So I have decided to post another mango drink today. The name of the drink is Mango Mastani which sounds like a Bollywood movie. Trust me like the name look-wise the drink is also appealing. This Mango Mastani is prepared using ripe mangoes unlike aam panna which is a raw/green mango drink.

What is Mango Mastani? This question arised when I first heard the name of it later when I searched in internet I came to know this drink is basically famous in the city of Pune. It is nothing but a version of milk shake which is thick in texture and served with a big dollop of ice cream on top which makes the drink for lucrative. It is also topped with some dry fruits and chopped mangoes. I have not added chopped mangoes if you want can put them. This drink is really filling as it contains mango puree, milk, ice cream and nuts. Before the mango season ends, you can prepare this Pune special now India famous Mango Mastani and enjoy Summer!

Mango Mastani

Ripe Mango -  2 to 3
Milk - 1.5 cups
Sugar - 2 to 3 tablespoon (Adjust according to the tastebud)
Vanilla Ice cream - 4 to 6 scoops
Cashews - 5 to 6, chopped
Pistachios - 5 to 6, chopped
Almonds - 5 to 6, chopped
Cherries - 4 for garnishing


1. Peel the mangoes and chop them. Put the chopped mangoes in a blender and make a puree.
2. Now add sugar, milk and one or two scoop vanilla ice cream and blend until smooth.
3. Pour the drink in the glasses (fill 2/3 rd part).
4. Top with ice cream and dry fruits and garnish with cherry and serve.

Aam Panna

Aam panna is a popular Indian drink which is prepared from green (raw) mangoes during Summer. Green mango has heat-resistant properties which helps to beat the heat during Summer especially in India. Taste of aam panna is the blend of different flavours including sweetness, tangy-ness and salty with the flavour of spices.

This is the first time I prepared aam panna at home and I thought why didn't I prepare this for all these days. When I served it to my husband when he came back from office he was really satisfied and drank till the last drop and then he asked what is the drink name? I said it is aam panna. He immediately asked 'Why isn't it green color?' Yes it is not his mistake because normally what we get in market (bottled aam panna) is green in colour. So I said aam panna is prepared from the pulp so it is the pulp colour (which is not green :))...Few people add mint leaves to aam panna which gives the green colour, I avoided as I wanted to enjoy the flavour of raw mango and didn't want to blend with any other taste. But market bought bottles normally use synthetic food colours to symbolize green mango. Even you can try this 'Aam Panna' during this Summer. So what are you waiting for! Nowadays market is flooding with mangoes, grab them and check out the recipe here and prepare the drink! And yes don't forget to share the feedback to me..

Aam Panna

Green Mangoes - 500 gm
Sugar - 1 cup
Water - 3 cups
Roasted Cumin Powder - 11/2 teaspoon
Black Salt - 1 teaspoon
Salt - 1/2 teaspoon
Water - 2 to 3 cups
Ice cubes - few


1. Wash and cut the upper part of the bud and boil the mangoes for 10 to 15 minutes. If you are using pressure cooker put one whistle under medium flame.
2. Cool the mangoes and peel them. Take put the pulp and mash them properly.
3. Add water along with the mango pulp and blend well.
4. Now add sugar and mix well until it is dissolved.
5. Next add roasted cumin powder, salt and black salt and mix well once again.
6. Pour into the glasses and serve with ice cubes.

NB: If you do not want to use ice cubes you can keep the drink in refrigerator for one hour or can use chilled water while preparing the drink.

Hack The Mind of Indian (#MoreIndianThanYouThink)

Have you watched this recent TVC of Lufthansa? If not, then I would suggest you to watch it right now! A TVC which will make you feel proud as an Indian! Growing global influence of India will make you think #MoreIndianThanYouThink.

India is a developing country and India's growing influence is appreciated around the globe. We are not lagging behind anymore. In each and every field Indians are shining with their own way of thinking which depends on Indian ideologies, values and culture, the secret behind many successful Indians. Top MNCs including Google, PepsiCo, Microsoft, SoftBank, MasterCard (to name a few)  are leading by Proud Indians. We have explored the space too and created history by launching 104 satellites in one go. We are proud of our Indian cricket team. Indian food has also made a special place in World's cuisine. Words like Bhelpuri’, Keema, ‘Papad’ and ‘Dhaba’ have made their place in Oxford Dictionary. World's political culture is also influenced by our Indian politics. People around the world must be wondering what is the secret behind all these success stories?

I believe this is the specialty of Indian culture. We are being taught and nurtured from the ground level and slowly scale up ourselves as we grow more. At the same time, our culture teaches us to be patient and down to earth. As we learn we also share our knowledge which enriches us other way.

Last year we visited to United States of America which is a developed country. So we normally read in articles that we should learn lot of things from the developed countries and implement in our country for the betterment of our country. However, I never thought that certain things what we learnt in our childhood can make us superior.  It was a fine evening and we went for shopping. We purchased and stood in a queue for billing. Normally, the queue moves faster but it was not happening though. I could see from a distance that the billing counter girls were looking worried. So my fellow shoppers said their calculating machine (computer) is not working and they are unable to process them in a manual way too as it involves mathematics :). 

Vector illustration with supermarket counter, cashier, queue of buyers. Vector set with people (customer), shop (grocery)/supermarket interior. Flat vector icon set: people in the supermarket, cashier
Image Courtesy: Shutter Stock

Other fellow shoppers were also worried so I walked to the counter girls and they explained me it was literally impossible for them to do the addition and subtraction manually as they have never done it without a calculator. Though they had smart phones but they wanted someone to supervise the matter. I did manually and they cross checked through their smart phones and the chaos was solved quickly. That time I was remembering our school days how we learnt numbers and then addition, multiplication, subtraction without using calculator which made us independent of machines. I was recalling how my father used to teach us addition! He used take two baskets and few fruits and used say suppose pink basket contains 2 apples and green basket contains 3 apples, so how many apples are there in total! Not to forget that, Aryabhatta was the first Indian mathematician who first uses the concept of zero. I was really feeling happy to help them out using my basic knowledge which I learnt in an Indian curriculum.

A fun way of illustrating that two plus three equals five using red cherries on a white background.
Image Courtesy: Shutter Stock

I think it  is all in our culture and upbringing which makes us rich in knowledge and we shine as global leaders! So if someone wants to beat Indians, the key is #MoreIndianThanYouThink.

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