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Banana Peanut Butter Sandwich

Banana Peanut Butter Sandwich is an easy sandwich recipe. It is a kid friendly recipe too. Early morning when you are busy preparing your kid and yourself , you really need some quick recipes for breakfast or for kid's lunchbox.

Not only that after school when kids come back they look really tired and need some energy boosting food to rejuvenate their power house. Banana gives instant energy and peanut butter also provide good amount of energy. So the combination of banana and peanut butter is really just perfect.  You can prepare banana peanut butter sandwich with minimal ingredients available in your pantry. Here is the recipe for you so try it and share your feedback:

Banana Peanut Butter Sandwich


Bread - 4
Peanut Butter - 2 tablespoon
Banana - 1, sliced
Butter - 2 teaspoon


1. Remove the brown crust of the bread from all four sides.
2. Lightly apply butter on each side of the bread.
3. Now apply peanut butter on the other side of two breads.
4. Place the sliced banana on the peanut butter applied side and cover it with the breads keeping the butter applied side on top.
5. Now take a grilled pan and toast both the sides.

N.B: If  you do not have a grilled pan you can toast them on your non-stick pan. If you have sandwich maker, you can toast them in it.

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