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5 Lassi Recipes : Enjoy different flavours of Special Summer Drink

Lassi is a famous ready-to-serve fermented milk beverage and now popular all over the world. In easy words it is a yogurt-based drink.  Basically, blend of yogurt, water, sugar  and few spices make this authentic drink lassi. The origin of this drink is said to be then undivided Punjab. This yogurt based drink is mainly consumed during Summer days.  Consumption of fermented milk products are found to be beneficial during Summer. Being a fermented milk product the lassi has acidic taste which is refreshing for warm climate condition. In Ayurveda lassi has been described as a digestive aid which should be served during or after a meal. In Northern India, many people drink lassi on daily basis. 

5 Lassi Recipes : Enjoy different flavour of Special Summer Drink

I remember there was a very popular cool joint (Ramprasad er Lassi) in our small town. During Summer, it used to do a good business by selling lassi (later they started cold coffee too). In  rural Bengal lassi was not that popular (I am talking about almost two and half decades ago) and now when I look back and think about that businessman who had the courage to start a cool joint with a not very popular drink. But then all credit goes to Lassi and it's taste. That's why it has made a mark worldwide. Isn't it? I should thank to that businessman for introducing lassi to my tastebud! Whenever we used to visit market we made sure we had a glassful of lassi. I need to mention here, initially I did not like the sour taste (Bengali's sweet tooth of course the reason) so I used to ask the shopkeeper to add extra sugar😀. 

 Normally lassi is white or creamy white in color and the texture of the drink is liquid viscous. You can prepare lassi either adding salt or sweet depending on your preference. Salted version of lassi can be served with all types of meal. Let's learn some amazing health Benefits of Lassi or I am giving you reasons why you should drink lassi.

  •             As I mentioned before, lassi helps digestion. As it is churned out of yogurt, it is light on the stomach and has good bacteria (lactobacilli) which act as probiotic and aids in digestion.

  •             Lassi keeps away most of your stomach problems. It prevents constipation too and a natural remedy for bloating.

  •             Lassi is a good source of probiotics which can take care of your gut and makes you healthy. 

  •             Lassi is a milk product and it is rich in calcium. Hence it is good for your overall bone     health.

  •            This fermented milk product is rich in lactic acid and good to boost your immune system.

Slowly the homemade lassi became popular and due to the growing demand some organizations started it's commercial production. Lassi became so popular that it got makeover and people started trying new flavour of lassis. Normally, people started adding their favourite fruit pulps and made fruity flavoured lassis. Today I am going to share Five most popular lassi recipes. Each of the lassi has different flavour and taste. 

1. Classic Lassi: Classic Lassi is  our regular sweet lassi. This is the original flavour of lassi. In olden days the classic lassi was prepared with yogurt, water and sugar. Later cardamom powder or rose essence or vanilla essence is added for mild flavour. Click here to get the recipe.

Punjab special lassi

2. Strawberry  Lassi: Fruity flavoured lassis are quiet popular among various flavours of lassi. In this fruity flavoured lassi along with yogurt, water, seasonal fruit purees are used to make your choice of lassi. Strawberry lassi is one of them. You can also prepare mango or melon lassi following the similar procedure. Click here to get the recipe. 

Fruity flavour lassi

3. Salted Cucumber Lassi: Salted cucumber lassi is a savoury version of lassi. If you prefer salted lassi you must try this version of lassi. This goes very well with every meal. Click here to get the recipe. 

Savoury Lassi

4. Rooh Afza Lassi: Rooh Afza is a famous non-alcoholic concentrated squash. Lassi flavoured with Rooh Afza is widely served  during Ramadan. Click here to get the recipe.

5. Dry fruits and Nuts Lassi: Dry fruit and nut lassi is an exotic variety of our very popular lassi. This is a filling and nutritious drink. Click here to get the recipe.

Rich and creamy Lassi

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