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Dudh Pithe/ Dudh Puli

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Poush Sankranti is denoted as the last day of the Bengali month Poush and it is like Makar Sankranti festival. Poush sankranti is also known as Poush parbon. It is celebrated as a harvest festival with sweet and savoury dishes made out of rice flour and date palm jaggery. We also call it as Pithe Parob. I have seen both my grandmothers (paternal and maternal) making Pithe Pulis on this auspicious occasion.
 My paternal grandmother was culinary genius and she used prepare a wide varieties of pitha pulis. Though my memories are very fade (as she left us for peace heaven when I was in school) but I could remember I used sit with grandma and keep on chatting like a chatter box and used to eat stuffing of coconut jaggery little by little. She used to make dal pithe, bhapa pithe, rangalur pithe, Gokul pithe, patishapta and many more.

My maternal grandmother used to prepare dudh puli predominantly and bhaja pithe on the next day with the left over bhapa pithe. I also remember, on the night of Poush Sankranti Dida used to chant some songs in front of Goddess Lakshmi. It is called Poush daka.

Happy Poush Sankranti

Dudh Pithe or Dudh Puli is a traditional recipe especially prepared during Sankranti which is known as Poush Parbon. Dudh pithe is nothing but rice dumpling with coconut & jaggery stuffing and dipped in reduced milk (kheer). These dumplings are made in crescent shape. In my childhood, whenever I tried making them, never did justice with their shape :(. Not only childhood, even after my marriage I could not do justice with their shape. However, Avijit (Read My Husband) used give a proper shape :P. Last 2 - 3 years I am really doing good, that's why I can say practice makes a person perfect! Instead of coconut, I prefer the stuffing of Makha Sandesh. You can also stuff them with store bought sondesh/kalakand if you are running out of time.

You can prepare the stuffing a day before and keep it in the refrigerator and use it on the next day to make the whole process less time consuming and hassle free. Earlier these occasions are celebrated in joint families and each member used to contribute so work was divided but today's nuclear family does not have any help so we have found our own way of doing to save our tradition and culture. 

Dudh Pithe/ Dudh Puli

For Stuffing
Chena (Homemade Cottage Cheese) - 300 gms
Date Palm Jaggery - 1/2 cup (adjust the sweet according to your taste buds)

For Coating

Rice Flour - 400 gms
Salt to taste
Hot Water as required

For Kheer

Milk - 1 litre 250 ml
Date Palm Jaggery - 11/2 cup


1. Take chena  (chena should not contain water) and jaggery together in a vessel and knead properly for 5 minutes. 
2. Now heat this on gas flame and stir continuously for 5 minutes. Mixture will leave water, when 90% of water dries up, switch off gas and allow it to cool.
3. Mix rice flour and salt together. Now add hot water as required to make a soft and smooth dough.  Here cold water will not work. 
4. After kneading the dough cover it with a damp cloth. Now take marble size dough, press the middle of it and make a pocket using your fingers. Stuff it with makha sandesh or coconut filling (See Ranga Alur Bhaja Pithe). Fold it like a half moon. 
5. Similarly, follow the procedure for the remaining dough. While making these dumpling you should cover the dough and the prepared dumplings with a damp cloth to avoid cracks on the outer shell.

6. Now heat the milk and reduce it to almost half the quantity. Add the dumplings and boil it for 10 minutes or until the pithas are cooked. Next add date palm jaggery and a pinch of salt. Boil it for another 5 to 7 minutes. Serve it hot and next day you can serve cold too.  


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