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Last visit to my native town was fruitful and satisfying. It feels so good to sit and chat with your parents and discuss old and modern life, childhood memories and many more things. One such fine evening I was chatting with my beloved mother and I found that mother was a bit anxious. When I asked what is the matter, she immediately started telling that my tech savvy father is planning some new gadgets at home. Now let me give you a clear picture in detail. My mother is technophobic person and who is not very comfortable using any gadgets. Even a smart phone makes her worrisome. On the other hand, my father is totally opposite. At the age of 71 he is ready to learn every new technology and want to make them part of his daily life.
The conversation between me and my mother started like this...

A Picture from our last Kerala Trip (Ma, Baba, Me & Gurguri)

'Why do we need smart devices in our lives? We are quite happy in our own space at this age. I don't see any need of smart device to spoil the peace of our live".

I understood my mother is boiling like hot lava, so now forcing to buy new things won't work. Now only thing if I explain her well and change her perspective. I thought it would be best to make her understand if I give her examples.

I said ' Ma you remember those days when there was no telephone and then landline telephone came to our home for the first time.'

Ma said 'Yes how can I forget that day. Telephone was one good thing that happened to our life. I could talk to my parents and when you father used to travel so far, at least he used STD booths to call and inform that he is coming late. Later when you went to hostel and your sis got married we could talk to you. Otherwise if we would have waited for the letters, my blood pressure would have been very high by now.'

I was thinking so many memories and again came back to the point and said 'yes you are right. But sometimes it was difficult to get my hostel lines and baba (I call my father) used to try the line for hours. That was really pathetic! Isn't it?'

Ma said ' Oh yes! Sometimes it was difficult to inform urgent news to you and good that at the last year of college you already had a mobile. But it was okay till simple mobile and smart phone came into picture and making all problems.'

I said ' Wait! wait! wait!  Ma.. Nothing like that. You know it helps me and many other including you in different way. Ma, you both are so far from us and yearly visit doesn't satisfy our soul and through smart phone we do video calling and can see you. You can see your grand daughters so frequently. Isn't that true? Google map! How can I not mention that...I totally treasure it. Most importantly banking, buying, selling and many other things in your finger tips. Isn't it? What would you say now.'

Ma said ' yeah... I agree with you."

By that time my father came into our discussion and mother wanted to change the topic.

Ma said ' Let's talk about you. We could not come to your place for long vacation because so urgent house renovation. So how is your work and how are you managing home and work together? Don't forget to take care of your health, you know the saying 'Health is wealth'.

I replied 'Every thing is going very smooth Ma which I ever imagined. Thanks to the evolution of technology.'

Ma questioned ' Now from where technology came in to picture behind your peaceful life?'

Baba was smiling.

I calmly said 'Smart devices are the key behind my smart home solution.' I pointed towards my Smart wearable and said ' This watch takes care of my health. It helps to track my activity and fitness. It helps to monitor heart rate, calorie and even sleep monitoring.'

smart watch Stock Photo - 42121442

Ma said 'Interesting! tell you what are the other Smart devices that helps you. When gurguri (they call our daughter) at home and you have to go shop how do you manage then. Is your smart device help you that time?

I said ' yes of course! Recently we have installed a Smart Camera to monitor your gurguri's activity when she is alone at home. Even if I am away for half an hour I am satisfied that someone is keeping track of her activity and I can see it from remote place in my smart phone.'

Ma said ' I agree you smart devices are has brought #SmartHomeRevolution in your life. But your father is planning to buy Smart lights. What are those and how they will help us?'

I replied 'Smarts lights are results of cool innovative technology which controls the home's lighting system. Using your smart device you can control the lights at home and save energy. It uses automatic light dimming and saves energy consumption. Some of the smart lights also change colour and set the ambience of your home according to your need.'

I continued 'I would recommend you to get a Google Home, so that you can control your Smart Home with your voice.'

man sitting on a sofa and holding a tablet computer with smart home on the screen Stock Photo - 53553969

I did not see any oppose and anxiousness in my mother's face but she asked 'But how do we get them here in a small town. Those smart devices are mostly available in the mega cities. Isn't it?'

Yes I could make her understand why Smart Devices are part of our life now. I told her 'Flipkart has envisioned #SmartHomeRevolution, so you can order it from Flipkart easily and they do deliver at small towns.'

End of the day I made my parents happy and we continued with our chat followed by some garam samosa.

Readers who are reading my post right now I would recommend Smart Home to ease your life and don't forget to add a Smart Watch and #GetFitWithFlipkart.


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