How to make Sprouts at home / How to make Mixed Sprouts at Home

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Sprout refers to the shoot which comes out from seeds due to the germination process.  When you soak the seeds, it gets water and starts germinating and later develop a plant.  Sprouts have a wide range of health and nutritional benefits.

Whenever we visit to the supermarket we get to see the box of sprouts and normally we tend to buy it immediately as we are getting it readymade. Let me tell you making sprouts at home is not a rocket science. Most importantly you do not have to spend lot of time for that.

Instead of buying a box of sprouts, I would recommend to make it fresh at home as homemade things are always the best including homemade sprouts. Sometimes store bought sprouts are not stored under suitable temperature and they are tend to spoil soon and that would not go well with your health.

While drafting this post I remember how our maa used to make it a point that we eat sprouted Bengal gram every morning especially on winter days. Maa used to make Bengal gram sprout which we call in kal berono chola. We did not have green moong beans sprout as green moong was not popular at that time (Yes I am talking about almost 25 years back).

Sprouts are powerhouse of lot of vitamins and minerals. Hence it is important to include sprouts in your daily diet. Sprouts are also good for weight loss. You can enjoy sprouts chaat or add in your salads or prepare any other dish out of it.

In this blog post I am sharing how to make mixed sprouts at home. Mixed sprouts included Green moong, Horse gram and Moth bean sprouts. Making green moong sprout is the easiest thing. You can also add kidney bean and Bengal gram in mixed sprouts. In that case I would suggest to soak them separately and after germination mix them with other sprouts as these two take more time in germination.

Use homemade sprouts in any form and include them to your daily diet. You can make sprouts pulao, sprouts masala, sprouts biryani, sprouts salad, sprouts sandwich and plenty of other choices to make. Do share what do you prepare with sprouts?

How to make Sprouts at home / How to make Mixed Sprouts at Home

Green Moong - 1 cup
Horse Gram - 1/2 cup
Moth Bean - 1/2 cup


1. Take all the beans together in a bowl.
2. Wash them thoroughly 3 to 4 times in water.
3. Now soak the beans with excess water (the water level should be 1 inch above the beans) overnight.
4. Next day drain the water and clean them once again and take them in another bowl.
5. Keep the bowl inside a casserole closing the lid and keep undisturbed for 18 to 20 hours.
6. Next day you will see green moong has germinated whereas the other beans are about to germinate.
7. There is a chance of getting bad smell from them which is natural. Hence, you can wash them and put them back in the casserole once again and keep undisturbed.
8. After 12 to 14 hours other beans will also germinate and moon sprouts are well grown by that time.
9. Now wash the mixed sprouts and store them in a container and refrigerate them and use as required.

NB: keep the casserole or hot box in a warm place and do not disturb it.


  1. Healthy sprouts and a very useful post

  2. sprout ed gram now soled by vendors in train with lemon salt & green chilies is a
    healthy & appetiser so make it hygenaically at home is a good suggestion.

  3. Very useful post! I used to make sprouts before, HD would just eat it with a squeeze of lemon juice and salt... don't know why I stopped doing it now...


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