Dates Shake / Dates Milkshake / Khajoor Shake

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Dates Milkshake or dates shake is a healthy, filling and nutritious drink which made using seedless or deseeded dates and milk. Dates alternatively known as 'khajoor' has umpteen health benefits.

Dates helps to lowers cholesterol, rich in protein, vitamins and fibre, improves bone health, rich in iron, improves skin and many more.

This is a two ingredient dates milkshake and most important it does not contain any sugar. Remember that dates are natural sweetener and hence you need not add any sugar into the dates milkshake.

Dates milkshake is a quick recipe and a very good drink for the kids. After school when the kids come back home they are totally tired and down with energy.

However, the kids again have to rush for their tuition, hobby classes or to the playground and followed by study in the evening. This dates milkshake can definitely increase their energy meter to do all the tasks. The dates contains high amount of carbohydrate which is the source of the energy.

Instead of the market bought packet juices you can serve dates shake to your kids. Most importantly the kids who does not love drinking milk this dates shake gives a lovely taste to the regular milk.

You can either use seedless dates or deseed the dates before adding them to the drink. When you prepare this two ingredient dates shake using chilled milk, this will be a perfect summer drink.

Instead of chilled milk you can also use ice cubes to make it chill for summer. However I would recommend this drink without ice to enjoy the creaminess of the shake.

You can explore more options by adding either a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream into it. What is the quick energy drink you prepare for the kids? Do share with me...

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Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 10 mins
Servings - 1

Dates Shake / Dates Milkshake / Khajoor Shake / How to make Dates Milkshake


Dates - 7 to 8 nos
Milk - 11/2 cup


1. Deseed the dates and chopped them into small pieces.
2. In a blender, take the chopped dates and milk (1/2 cup) together and blend until a smooth paste.
3. Now add the remaining milk and blend once again.
4. After that take a tall glass and pour the shake into it and serve immediately.

NB: You can also add ice cubes. I have not added ice cubes as I have used boiled and chilled milk.


  1. lovely and healthy dates milk shake ..I am loving it ...

  2. Yummy and a filling drink,the best part for Dates shake is there is no need to add any sugar.

  3. a different & delicious shake.........

  4. I love date milkshake... I like that you let the dates shine without adding any other flavors...

    1. Yes as the dates are already sweet so its better to avoid extra sugar

  5. Hi Amrita,
    My first visit to your blog here....
    I recently got a big box of dates and have been mostly making dates muffins/cakes etc to get my kiddo to eat it. This shake does sound easy and good and hopefully my little one (who loves Milk) will gulp it down without fuss ;-)
    Hope to see you around.

  6. I've never used dates in a shake. What a terrific idea! The flavor must be tremendous. Very creative -- thanks.

    1. Try it and I am sure you will like it... thank you for visiting my page

  7. Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic blog. Fantastic. guide to juicing fruits and vegetables

  8. Wow, What a Excellent post. I really found this to much informatics. It is what i was searching for.I would like to suggest you that please keep sharing such type of info.Thanks How to be happy in life


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