Noise Goes on Toss When You Choose Bose

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Sitting quietly next to the window and staring at the sky on a lazy afternoon took me back to the memories of my past self! Life has changed a lot. A college girl turned into a professional, got married and later became a 'Mom'. It was a long journey and a roller coaster ride. I was an independent career focused girl however, motherhood changed my focus and the little angel is on the top of my priority list. I remember I was a hard-core music lover. Those college days I had a small FM radio which used to give me relaxed mind after morning to evening busy college schedule. Later my father gifted me a Walkman which was my companion for a longer period. Later I joined corporate job and purchased a mobile with mp3 player. After a hectic day it used to sooth my mind and I used to relax.
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Since I became a mother I am surrounded with lot of things.  I slowly started my professional career as a work from home professional. However, sometimes I do miss my solitude and musical relaxation. Many a times I put my earphones to listen the song but hardly I am able to finish it without any disturbances. Little angel watch Television and her cartoon characters  yell badly, I put a pause to my music and ask her to tone down the volume. Angel takes out her toy basket and her toys do speak or make sounds (I only purchased them 😐😐), again one more pause to my music. Angel goes out to play in corridor with her friends and you know outdoor plays cannot be quiet. When she goes to school I have 'n' number things to do --- taking client calls, finishing my writing projects, arranging things and other household chores. At times it happens while working I really forget to check some important messages. So no time for music and melodies during my working hour because once I enter into the musical world I may forget many things for that I may have to pay penalty later. 
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Recently my eyes got stuck into an advertisement while searching something else in the internet. I saw a Future Ready wireless headphone Bose QuietComfort 35 II which is Google VPA enabled. I could not overlook it and move on to the next page because my mind got a spark by seeing the features of it. It again revived my dormant wish to enjoy the musical moments of past without affecting my present schedule. Without wasting my time I started researching about Bose QC35 II, so that I can have one in my possession soon. 

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I am amazed by each of the feature of Bose QC35 II.  It has Google assistant built right into the headphones, so while listening to music I can receive texts and manage other daily tasks with my voice. I do not have to look into my smart phone. Pressing the action button I can start a conversation with my assistant. With Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology it cancels the outside noise and that's how I can detach myself from the noisy environment and enjoy my music. Building material of the headphone is so good that I can wear it for a longer time. In my busy schedule I often miss to charge my electronic gadgets frequently. Thanks to Bose QC35 II , it has up to 20 hrs of battery life. It has awesome sound quality which is an important criteria for a headphone. Google enabled VPA is an additional feature which would be very helpful for me about reminding certain tasks. Now with Future ready Bose QC35 II I can be the boss of my solitude musical moments. To know more about it don't forget to read this.


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