'E'-at healthy 'E'-liminate Vitamin E deficiency and 'E'-njoy Life

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I am sharing an  Exciting Enlightening Ecstatic Tale of Vitamin E...

After a bright sunny day, a wonderful soothing evening will start! The Sun is all set to go down and the Moon has started the preparation to come up on the sky.

Behind the scene...

After a tiring day Mr. Sun is heading back to home and Mr. Moon is going for the night shift. Almost everyday they meet at this time and have little chit-chat. Today was also not exceptional.

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Mr. Moon: Hello, Mr. Sun, How was your day?

Mr. Sun: Ya you know..how hectic my schedule is throughout the year...Today was also a busy day..

Mr. Moon: Yes! Everyone always eagerly wait for you...Moreover, these days people are very health conscious and you give something to them...oops I forgot the name..'vit vit...'

Mr. Sun: Buddy, its Vitamin D....

Mr. Moon: Oh! yes... I am not so advanced and these days I am forgetting most of the things because of my Age.

Mr. Sun: Hmm...I understand...

Mr. Moon: Hey what happened? Why are you sounding a bit low? Any problem?

Mr. Sun: Not really! But I don't know...People enjoy my presence but they are also concentrating on something else....

Mr. Moon: What do you mean? They are not giving importance to you...

Mr. Sun: No.... I am suspicious about their (human being) behaviour and  I think there is something else they are talking about these days😓.... Buddy, can you do me a favour and find out what is it? Because you (read your soothing moon light) can easily enter to the bedroom where at the end of the day people (mom-daughter, sisters, friends) discuss their secrets!

Mr. Moon: No worries dude! I will find out ..now I am getting late, will catch up soon!

After few days...

Mr. Moon: Hey Mr. Sun ! I got some info for you...Come in we will sit and discuss over a bowl of  Broccoli soup and some crunchy almonds!

Mr. Sun: Ah! I knew you will find it out... But we could have discussed this thing just over a cup of tea or coffee, why this combo of soup and nuts😦

Mr. Moon: The combo is the answer of your question...

Mr. Sun: Tell me clearly...

Mr. Moon: Apart from Vitamin D, they (human beings) are concentrating on Vitamin E too. This broccoli soup and almond nut have plenty of it... Don't worry , your importance has not decreased, just that they are concentrating on other important nutrients too to be fit and fine...

Mr. Sun: Oh...is it? Anyway, I am relaxed 😇😇 and this soup and nuts are good combo.....I will include them in my diet chart...Find out more info about this Vitamin E and pass it on...

 Unlike other vitamins and nutrients, Vitamin E is also an important vitamin which is crucial for our health. Vitamin E is known as Tocopherol. It is a fat soluble vitamin and play a key role in human health.

Everyday our body get exposed to the various pollutants. We are exposed to the smoke, dust, chemicals and many other things. Due to the exposure to the pollutants, free radicals are formed in the cells. These free radicals can damage the cells and this affects different parts of our body including hair, skin and other organs. Aging is also a factor which generates free radicals in the body.  Accumulation of free radicals generate oxidative stress in our body which makes us feel tired and also result in other health problems.

Vitamin E is known as an antioxidant. Antioxidant is a substance which helps to stop oxidation. In living organism antioxidants are capable of preventing oxidation of cells and thereby prevent cell damage. Vitamin E also helps to delay the aging process. It helps to keep the immune system stronger against all the microorganisms. Vitamin E is found to be beneficial for treating certain conditions including cataract, asthma, skin issues, aging, respiratory infections and many more. Vitamin E is the secret behind many youthful skin which are smooth and flawless. Vitamin E acts a protective shield on the skin's surface and thereby locks the moisture. A dry irritated skin could  indicate the sign of vitamin E deficiency.

A common problem of hair fall we all experience nowadays. Vitamin E can help to improve hair growth with hair loss. Vitamin E enhances the blood flow in the scalp which helps to improve hair health.

Every problem has a solution and so the vitamin E deficiency has. It is important to include vitamin E rich food sources in your daily diet chart. Here are the list of foods which are the natural source of vitamin E:
  • Vegetable oils (e.g.: sunflower, corn and soyabean oils.)
  • Nuts (e.g.: almonds, peanuts, hazel nuts, etc.)
  • Seeds (such as sunflower seeds)
  • Green Leafy Vegetables (such as spinach and broccoli)
  • Egg yolk, margarine, cheese, wheat germ, oatmeal, avocados, olives etc. are also good source of vitamin E.
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Apart from the natural source, vitamin E supplements are also available. Vitamin E supplements are often recommended when human body is not able to get enough of this vitamin from their regular diet.  Topical application of vitamin E is also beneficial for skin and hair. Evion Supplements are well known brand of vitamin E products. It is a leading manufacturers of vitamin E in India. #Evion is the India's no. 1 doctor recommended vitamin E. To know more about #Evion, please visit: www.evion.co.in/

Image Courtesy: Evion

I try to include macro as well as micro nutrients in my everyday diet. I prefer having nuts, broccoli, spinach, oatmeals, cheese, egg which are good source of vitamin E.  Whenever I am having a busy schedule of work I always try to keep hands full of nuts (especially almonds) in a bowl so that I can munch while working. I add few stir fried broccoli florets in our daughter's roti roll or add them into our noodles or soup. I found a very good way to eat spinach is to add few chopped leaves of spinach in the dal (lentil soup). 

If you are suffering from hair fall or skin problems, do consult with your doctor who can explain about the reason behind it and solve your problem prescribing suitable medicine including vitamin E supplements. 

'E'-at healthy 'E'-liminate Vitamin E deficiency and 'E'-njoy Life


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  5. Nice write up..loved the conversation b/w Sun n Moon

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