Golden Memories of the Golden Gate Bridge

November 16, 2016 Motions and Emotions 4 Comments

Thank you everyone for appreciating my first post on Thrill of Crossing International Date Line. I was really overwhelmed by the response. Your encouragement always give me positive energy. These days I am bit busy however I squeezed sometime to sit down and write my second post on USA visit.

Once we arrived at SFO, first thing I adjusted my watch time. Outside climate was sunny and was quite similar to our Bangalore. Roads are wide enough and properly marked. Big city but less noise because traffic rules says no honking!! We couldn't avoid the jet lag symptoms and initial few days are gone in timing adjustment. :)

Over the weekend we had planned to visit Golden Gate Bridge. We were really fortunate to have a lovely bright day. The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge which connects San Francisco Bay area and Pacific Ocean. Check out the facts and figures about the bridge here in the picture.

The beauty of Golden Gate Bridge is mesmerizing and we were astonished seeing the creation of human being. We walked across the bridge and it was an awesome experience and good exercise too :).  

There was cool breeze and on a sunny day you feel like standing on the bridge and stretch your eyes as far as you can towards the San Francisco City.

If anyone has problem in walking they can hire bikes (bicycles are known as bike there) and ride across the bridge. Some visitors are jogging and burning some extra calories over the weekend. I felt those fitness freaks often come there.

A day well spent and it was a great start of our weekend trip!
                                                                                               More travel stories on coming posts...


  1. Nice. Great info and you certainly have triggered me to save to visit San Francisco.

  2. Such a beautiful post, Amrita. Loved reading it. Would love to visit San Francisco sometime! :)


  3. Lovely pics and a beautiful post dear ..thanks for sharing your experience ..

  4. Enjoyed going through your post. Beautiful photos!


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