Vegetable Cream Cheese Sandwich

August 07, 2016 Motions and Emotions 19 Comments

Happy Friendship Day to all my readers and co-bloggers!
I am really thankful to all my friends who supported me at various stage of my life. I wish I could go back to all my friends and spend those moments once again. There are friends who loved me and helped me unconditionally without any expectations. Sometimes they did everything silently which I realized later. Even now also I am not in contact with many of my friends but I know we are alive in each others thought. So once again Happy Friendship Day!  Treating all my friends with a simple sandwich recipe.

Cream cheese is one of my favourite spread that I love to have with my breads. Not only me my daughter is also a big fan of cream cheese. As you all know my love for sandwiches so I thought of trying vegetable cream cheese sandwich. I don't make things complicated and always try to prepare some easy and tasty recipes. Vegetable cream cheese sandwich is one of them. I know you can just spread the cream cheese on your bread and have it just like that but if we can add some for nutrition to your meal by adding some veggies, isn't that would be a great idea? Here you can see how to prepare vegetable cream cheese sandwich.

Vegetable Cream Cheese Sandwich 


Bread Slices - 8
Cream Cheese- 1/3 cup
Cucumber - chopped, 1/2 cup
Carrot - grated, 1/3 cup
Capsicum - chopped, 1 medium
Onion - 2 medium, chopped
Salt - a pinch
Oregano - 1/2 teaspoon
Butter - 3 to 4 tablespoon


1. Lightly butter the one side of each bread.
2. Take all vegetables in a bowl and mix them well.
3. Sprinkle a pinch of salt and oregano and mix well.
4. Now add cream cheese to these vegetables and mix well with them and stuffing is ready.
5. Take a spoonful of stuffing and spread over a bread. Keep the butter applied side down.
6. Cover the stuffing with other bread keeping the butter applied side on top.
7. Take a non-stick pan or grilled pan or a sandwich maker and toast both sides well. Sandwich is ready to eat.


  1. Happy Friendship day to you too dear. A very delicious sandwich this is. Creamy, yummy with lots of veggies. Tasty tasty.

  2. sandwich looks amazing.perfect for weather

  3. Happy friendship day to u too:) Sandwich looks perfect:)

  4. Happy Friendship Day Amrita....lovely, inviting sandwich..let me grab some from here...

  5. Friendship is a wonderful thing. Glad to read about your friends and have they have been there for you. This cream cheese cheese is awesome. basic yet one which we will drool over.

  6. These cream cheese sandwiches look fantastic, Amrita.


  7. Fantastic cream cheese sandwiches.... I'm drooling over it ....!!!

  8. This is a great recipe dear. Bookmarked. And belated Friendship day !!

  9. This sounds fabulous! New to me as I'm not so much into sandwiches. But would love to try it!

  10. The sandwiches look awesome and the filling is so delicious..

  11. Sandwiches look delicious.. love the cream cheese filling, healthy and creamy!

  12. Love cream cheese. Perfect for spreading in sandwiches. This is yuumy creamy sandwich :-)

  13. Creamy, yummy and a classic sandwich...

  14. This looks delicious..


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