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I blog because it's my passion! It's really very important to identify your passion and live for it. Life brings lot of obstacles and hurdles, we get demotivated! At times you don't feel like get up again and fight for yourself but that's the time when you actually have to show the world that no one can break you and your confidence level. If you are dedicated to your passion success will kiss your feet for sure. 

Today I am blogging for a good cause. Super Singh is a cyclist without arms but that was not an obstacle in front of his passion. He wants to participate in Asian Para-Cycling Championship 2017. I would be really happy if my blog could raise funds for him. 

This is the story of an athlete who didn’t let any obstacle get in the way of his dream! He left no stone unturned to cross all impediments and emerge as a winner.

He was born without hands, but, his fascination for cycling started when he saw his sister cycling in front of him as a child. Despite his family warning him not to cycle, he still went ahead, sneaking out at night to practice balancing in the dark and narrow bylanes of his locality. Today he cycles more than 25 KM a day. 

Jagwinder Singh (popularly known as Super Singh), a resident from Patran, a small village near Patiala in India came into the spotlight when he participated in the 25 KM Para-boys Challenge at the Chandigarh State Cycling Championship. Where he bagged the Gold Medal!

Jagwinder and his parents didn’t have the required funds to buy him a cycle, so he took up teaching art to children at a local school, saved up whatever money he earned and bought himself a bike. 
Super Singh is a fitness freak and makes it a point to hit the gym for 2 hours every day. This helps him with his practice. He leads a very active lifestyle in-spite of his shortcomings.

Super Singh dreams to win the Asian Para-Cycling Championship 2017 and bring glory to his country, India.

This race is going to happen early next year, for which Super Singh needs a new customized bicycle - so that he can get training in time to be ready for the race. Below is the picture of the customized bicycle that he needs, which would cost USD 6690 (INR 450,000). The bicycle will be customized to ensure that he’s able to ride it competitively.

In order to help him raise funds, migme, a global social endtertainment company, has started a campaign through which its users, as well as the general public, can contribute towards his cycle to help him achieve his dream. Supporters can buy virtual gifts and send them to Super Singh’s profile on migme (his mig id is: supersinghofficial). The funds accumulated through these gifts will be given to Super Singh so that he can buy his cycle, so please help Super Singh achieve his dreams, and donate today!

You can read more about the campaign here which tells you how you can give funds/gifts to Super Singh

Excellence is never an accident as proved by Jagwinder Singh! Anyone in his place would have conceded defeat right at the beginning but not him.

Other details related to Super Singh:

His Introductory Story:

The Support he has got from migme users till now:

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  1. God bless ...and nicely done article....

  2. Good article on Super Singh (Jagwinder Singh)...God bless and his dreams come true one day and achive his goal...and good to note about migme.....

  3. all the best to super singh great soal , nice article


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