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10 Best Indian Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is an important meal of the day. After dinner, your body remains in starved state for almost 7 to 8 hours. So you should have a heavy breakfast in the morning to kick start your day. Avoid skipping your breakfast because if you don't provide fuel to your metabolism it will not be able to generate adequate energy. 

What to prepare for the breakfast is a million dollar question. Some people prefer to have breakfast cereals, some prefer sandwiches, some ask for dosa-idlis and so on. I keep on experimenting with new recipes. We have lot of varieties in our Indian Breakfast menu. Click here to know about various breakfast options. Today I have selected 10 Best Indian Breakfast Recipes which I would love to feed my family. Certainly I have some other favourites too. 

Vermicelli Upma: It is also known as semiya upma which is prepared with vermicelli and mixed vegetables.   

Vermicelli Upma
Yellow Moong Dal Dosa: Yellow moong dal dosa can be prepared quickly and it is a protein packed meal. 
              Yellow Moong Dal Dosa

Kanda Poha: Kanda Poha is famous breakfast from the state of Maharashtra. 
  Kanda Poha

Masala Idli:   If you have some leftover recipes you can prepare a classy breakfast in the next day morning. You can prepare this dish with fresh idlis too.                                                                                        

               Masala Idli 

Veg Yogurt Sandwich: This is a simple, healthy, nutritious and filling sandwich recipe. 


      Veg Yogurt Sandwich
Medu VadaIt is a popular South Indian Breakfast recipe. I would prefer to call this Indian style doughnut. 

      Medu Vada

Poori SabjiPoori Sabji or Poori Aloo Sabji is a popular Indian Breakfast recipe.

            Poori Sabji 

Aloo Paratha: Aloo Paratha is a popular recipe from Northern part of India and now famous everywhere.

    Aloo Paratha

Besan DhoklaDhokla is the popular vegetarian breakfast dish from the state of Gujarat. I have tried this instant version which is super soft and delicious.

     Besan Dhokla

Fruit & Muesli Yogurt Parfait: This is a wholesome breakfast with various grains, fruits and curd in it. You do not need gas to cook this delicious breakfast glass.

                       Fruit & Muesli Yogurt Parfait


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