Ginger Tea / Indian style Ginger Tea / Adrakwali Chai

June 29, 2016 Motions and Emotions 8 Comments

Monsoon has arrived few days back! Though in some parts of India still the temperature is high with humid climate but in Bangalore monsoon has wiped the summer totally. Even from last few days we are eager to see the sun. Most of the time it's drizzling. But that doesn't mean everyday school will declare a rainy day or office goer's will take work from home. So everyone has to get out and go for work despite of this rainy season. And then cold and cough come home. I have experienced instead of medicine home remedies are best for cold and cough. Everyday morning gurgling helps to keep away all kind of throat irritations. In fact inhaling vapor is also very helpful in cold and cough. Another good home remedy for cold is ginger tea or adrakwali chai. Ginger inhibits common cold viruses and thus gives us some relief!

My husband is a fan of ginger tea and he starts his day with it! Recently I had throat irritation due to bad weather and sipping into ginger tea gave some relief...So another flavourful tea with medicinal value added in the Tea Series...

Ginger Tea / Indian style Ginger Tea / Adrakwali Chai


Milk - 2 Cups, Boiled and Cooled
Sugar - 4 to 5 teaspoon (as per taste)
Water - 21/2 cups
Ginger - 1 to 1.5 inch, peeled and crushed
Tea Leaf - 2 to 3 teaspoon


1. Boil water in a pan and add sugar into it. You can also add sugar in the cups according to the person's taste.
2. After that add crushed ginger in the water and allow to boil for few minutes.
3. Next add tea leaf and boil for 3 to 4 minutes.
4. Finally add milk and switch off the gas after two minutes and cover the pan with a lid for another 2 minutes.
5. Now strain it and serve hot.


  1. Refreshing and energetic tea..... :)

  2. That tea and the biscuit on the side, most welcome any time..

  3. Tea.. ahhaaa its the part and parcel of my life. I need coffee in the mornings and during evening I need my cup of chai..

  4. I love my chai with dry ginger than with grated ginger, I feel the taste too heavy for me, though when I am really in a mood, I don't mind it... So refreshing...

  5. I have ginger tea everyday no matter what season! I use fresh ginger and one piece is always kept at the easy to reach fridge door - take it grate it directly into the pot! I add my milk and water together in the pan and sugar in the cups. Add tea leaves once the milk boils and then boil it until it reaches my desired color! :-P and then slurp!

  6. Perfect for this rainy season..looks so good


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