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Strawberry Lassi

April 22, 2016 Motions and Emotions 8 Comments

Lassi is a popular yogurt-based Indian drink. This was originated in the Northern Part of India, specifically from Punjab. Lassi could be salted or sweet; however, I prefer sweet lassi or flavoured lassi. Lassis are very beneficial during hot summer days.  This year I had lot of strawberries and also prepared different drinks using it! I know I am bit late to post the recipes but no worries you will still get strawberries in market but it is little expensive now!

In traditional lassi spices are used to make it more tasty but in fruit lassi I did not use any spices because I just wanted to dominate the flavour of the fruit. While blending yogurt with strawberries add little water, you can also add milk but I would like to mention in that case the drink will be called smoothie not lassi. Doesn't matter whether lassi or smoothie, it is an amazing refreshing drink.

Strawberry Lassi


Strawberries - 6 to 8 + 2 for garnishing
Yogurt - 11/2 cups
Water - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 5 to 6 tablespoon
Ice cubes - 4 to 6 (optional)


1. Clean the strawberries and remove the stems. 
2. Take the strawberries, sugar and yogurt in a blender and blend until smooth. Add water and blend once again. You can also use milk instead of water.
3. Place the ice cubes in two glasses and pour the lassi in the glasses.  Garnish with strawberry. 


  1. Oh so apt for this summer.. Beautiful color and perfect drink for the hot weather

  2. Ak chumuke sesh kore dite icche korche..colour ta daruun aseche

  3. Simply superb and perfect and healthy strawberry lassi...

  4. I love my lassis with a dash of cardamom and rosewater... craving for that glass now...

  5. Lassi! You need to have one right after a hot sunday afternoon shopping old fashioned way.. street side and small complexes.. These days malls have changed that experience..lovely recipe!

  6. love strawberry lassi looks so delicious

  7. Yummilicious lassi Amrita... pleasure is to sipping it through....


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