Be Safe! Always Hire Police Verified Domestic Help/ Drivers

April 24, 2016 Motions and Emotions 4 Comments

Crime is increasing day-by-day. Whenever we open newspaper  we can see 'n' number of crime reports. Police are doing their job always; however, it is very much important to secure your own safety because the nature of crime is also changing.

In this fast pace life and being a member of nuclear family you always need household helps or driver. Is it easy to trust an unknown person who enters your house or driving you to your work place? The answer is a big 'no'.

Here are the reasons why you should hire Police Verified Driver:

1)       You are vulnerable
It is important to note a tiny percentage of household help are violent criminals but when they plan an attack, nothing you do will be able to stop him, not iron gates , intricate locks or alarm systems as they know the in and out of all systems placed to prevent a crime. The reason these individuals are even more dangerous is that they catch you unawares as they know when you are at home and when you are not. Just remember the scene from Ki & KA starring Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor when the domestic Help allows her boyfriend to enter the House when she thinks no-one is at home.
2)       Good ‘references’ are not enough
We all think that good references will be able to stop the potentiality of a crime, even someone with a  good reference may be tempted to steal the reasons could be many , problem at home, need of money anything. We need to understand the kind of deprived life these individuals lead and without proper background verification it will only lead to opportunities for them.
1. 3)       High rise apartments are more vulnerable
Families living in big apartment complexes are the most vulnerable by crime statistics. Strange isn’t it given the security that these buildings provide with guards, CCTV’s the complete package. Police believe that the anonymity these complexes provide is the biggest reason. Once the family leaves for office and school the house is empty and people who are regularly entering may not need to do entries etc., thieves may even pose as a courier boy and gain access. Many a times gangs take up work as domestic help with the intention to steal , with the person working as a domestic help only acting as a scout to learn more about the family.

Tips That Could help you to keep Your Family Safe

1)       Verify all domestic help with the police, even those who work part-time.
2)       Do not hire any domestic servant on the recommendation of your milkman, driver and security man. Get references from employers.
3)       Do not let your domestic servant’s ‘friends’ inside your house.
4)       Whenever a new servant is employed, the police station should be informed. His photographs, fingerprints and other details must be obtained and verified.

So it is very important to hire  police verified domestic help and drivers and Saaarthi Household Solutions ( Helps  hire Verified Drivers:

Police Clearance Check (PCC) Done for all deployed drivers.
Complete set of fingerprints, Photographs and other details are maintained in our servers.
RTO verification of all Driver licenses to prevent license fraud.
Complete background Verification of Individuals with Reference checks are Done.
Reference of one/two Previous employers kept in our database


  1. Amrita.... This is such an eye opener. I am going to share this post with as many people as I can dear. Thanks for taking out time to write one like this.

  2. Amrita.... Thanks for taking time to write an info like this. An eye opener and I am going to share this with as many as I can.

  3. Good post . Thanks for sharing dear

  4. Good tips to take care of one's safety..thanks Amrita....


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