Elo Jhelo / Bengali Style Elo Jhelo Nimki

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 Elo Jhelo is a popular Bengali style Savoury snack. It is also called elo jhelo nimki. This is mainly prepared during Bijayadashmi. This elo jhelo brings back lot of childhood memories. Where I grew up that colony was full of our relatives so during Bijayadashami we ( cousin brothers and sisters, you can read The Gang :P) used to go almost all the relatives house to seek blessings from elders. Frankly speaking, the gang was interested in food items than blessings :P. At times it used to happen that each house had offered sweets but no savoury items and after eating too much sweet we used crave for snacks. We used to visit this way every year so we observed one or two house only serves snacks so we used to go in those house at last when our craving for snacks was extreme. One of the house every year used to make elo-jhelo, we used to relish it.

Coming back to the recipe I must say elo jhelo can be sweet too. Many people prefer it sweet so they dip it into sugary syrup to get the sweet coating.

Preparation Time: 5 mins
Cooking Time: 1 hr approx
Servings: 6

Elo Jhelo / Bengali Style Elo Jhelo Nimki


Maida/ All Purpose Flour - 11/2 cup
Refined Oil - 3 tablespoon + 2 to 3 cups for deep frying
Salt to taste
Sugar - 11/2 teaspoon
Nigella Seeds/ Kalonji - 1 teaspoon


1. Take maida, 3 tablespoon oil, kalonji, salt and sugar all together and make dough. The dough should be like maida poori or luchi dough. It should not be soft or very tight.

2. Now make equal size of balls and roll like chapati. Leaving one cm from each edge, make parallel slits in one cm gap in that round chapati. Now hold both the ends and give a twist to those cuts and lock both the edges by pressing with fingers. For my convenience, I made the chapati half circle and from one chapati I prepared two elo jhelo. Normally, people prepare one elo jhelo from one chapati.

3. Repeat the above step for the remaining dough. Now heat oil for deep frying. Fry the elo jhelos till golden and fry them in medium heat to avoid burning. Store them in air tight container.

Note: Elo jhelo can be sweet too. For that you need to prepare a sugar syrup(Sugar: 1 cup, Water: ½ cup and Cardamom pods: 2-3 pieces). After preparing the syrup boil it for 3 to 4 minutes when bubbles start appearing add the elo jhelos to coat with sugar syrup. Once they are cold sugar syrup will be harden and attached to elo jhelo.


  1. We have something similar in our cuisine too... this is such a yummy snack with tea...

  2. Daruuun hoyeche go...amar to akdini sesh

  3. This looks so yummy. Will definitely try sometime.

  4. oh dear i was searching this recipe.Got this one during diwali season from my marathi neighbour..and one gujarathi snacks also something like made with puff pastry sheets.Book marking :)

  5. This looks so good! I have only made elo-jhelo as a sweet snack and that was years ago. Would love to try out the salted version now.:)

  6. Nimki looks so nice and crispy!

    Anu - My Ginger Garlic Kitchen

  7. Never heard of this snack but I sure love the crunchy munchy outcome.


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