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October 10, 2015 Motions and Emotions 0 Comments

Someone said "Beauty isn't about having a pretty face it's about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul." Yes this is true but in today's world it is also important to keep yourself presentable. That is only possible when you are updated about recent trends in fashion. Otherwise instead of being presentable it can result in blunder. It is very important to know about your body type and accordingly choose the clothes. Buying good clothes and wearing them does not make you presentable. Along with good clothes you just need to choose accessories to go with it.

Do you have any clue how can you keep yourself updated about recent fashion trends? I know you are thinking to google about it. But this is not the correct solution of the problem. Google search will result in  'n' number of options which is not personalized for a particular individual and finally you will get confused.

Now you do not have to worry about the latest fashion trends because has launched their awesome Android App to fulfill your dream of any fashionista. This a great App which brings Fashion Recommendations at your fingertips. Let me tell you how this App works!

Click here to download the Baggout App from Google Playstore. Once it is installed it will ask you to sign up. After signing in the app will ask about your body shape (Example: Sand clock shape or pear shape), then it will ask for which kind of fashion you like and once you select it will recommend the dresses for you. You can choose your favourite dress and buy it. The specialty of this app it shows all the suitable dresses from leading online fashion stores. Not only that you get great deals on all the fashion items.

After watching a famous movie we just want to dress up like heroine of that movie. However it never become possible as we are  not sure where to get the similar dress or accessories used by that heroine of the movie. Now Baggout's App  also solve this problem. You can get Kareena's look at Bajrangi Bhaijan from Baggout App. It shows the similar kind of dress and accessories used by Kareena in that movie. So what are you waiting for you can buy those trendy fashion items and present yourself in the similar look of your favourite star.

I know this is a personalized app and as I selected myself as female it was showing all items related to women. But I think it would be great if it also shows about the counter gender's fashion trends. So it becomes easy while gifting a trendy t-shirt or traditional sherwani to their loved ones and vice-versa.

Please download the Baggout's Android App here.


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