Potato Masala Sandwich / Aloo Masala Sandwich

October 06, 2015 Motions and Emotions 17 Comments

How was your weekend? In India last weekend was long, 3 consecutive days of holidays.. No, we didn't plan any trip, even we didn't eat out except Friday evening snacks! I remember early days (4 to 5 years back) when we used to eat out a lot. But nowadays we avoid eating out as we enjoy our home cooked food and the comfort of home. Obviously, I have improved as a 'cook' ..sigh! Not only that now we have a small kid who cannot spend time outside more than 4 to 5 hours, so if we wish to stay out for longer, we can't! So once we are back at home we feel lazy to go out again and enjoy the laziness watching some movies and having food at home.This long weekend was well spent with lot of shopping but in between rains spoiled more plans.

Potato Masala Sandwich / Aloo Masala Sandwich is today's recipe. Weekly once I prepare sandwich for breakfast. This time I tried Potato Masala Sandwich / Aloo Masala Sandwich. The stuffing was similar to masala dosa stuffing. If you have leftover dosa masala from previous day, you can easily re-use it by stuffing them in bread and make a delicious sandwich. I prepared fresh dosa masala and stuffed them in bread to prepare Potato Masala Sandwich / Aloo Masala Sandwich. Here is the simple recipe for our readers.

Potato Masala Sandwich / Aloo Masala Sandwich

For stuffing

Potato - boiled, 2 cups
Curry Leaves - 7 to 8
Coriander Leaves - chopped, 2 teaspoon
Sambar Masala - 11/2 teaspoon
Turmeric Powder - 1 teaspoon
Green Chilli - 1 teaspoon. chopped
Salt to taste
Mustard Seeds - 1 teaspoon
Onion - Chopped, one medium
Refined Oil

For Sandwich

Bread - 8 to 10 slices
Butter - 2 to 3 tablespoon


For Stuffing

1. Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds and curry leaves to splutter. Add chopped onions and green chilli.
2. After 5 minutes add turmeric powder, chopped coriander leaves, sambar masala and salt. Mix them well.

3. Finally add mashed boiled potato and mix with the spices. Add little water and boil it for some more time. When it become dry switch off the gas and allow it to cool.

For Sandwich

1. Lightly apply butter on one side of all the breads.

2. Now take 2 tablespoon of stuffing and spread one the other side (not the buttery side) of  the bread.

3. Cover it with another bread, keeping the buttery side on top. Similarly prepare the other breads.

4. Now toast them in sandwich maker or heat a non stick or grill pan and toast both sides until they are golden.


  1. Can smell the this sandwich.

  2. Can smell the this sandwich.

  3. I love this potato filled sandwich... I totally agree with going out, I prefer going out early and being home early, so that we all can sleep off pretty quick, hehe... with kids around, sleeping too late at night and into the morning is not really feasible...

  4. Looks sooooo yumm, i am gonna try it soon :) Add on butter is so tempting

  5. Hey nice that you have used Sambhar Masala! I am intrigued>

  6. Love this sandwich anytime..looks yumm

  7. looks delicious, one of my favorite sandwiches!

  8. I love aloo sandwich and yours look divine. Lovely share.

  9. Filling and delicious sandwiches..

  10. I love sandwiches and this looks delicious!

  11. potato sandwich looks delicious..

  12. Perfect snack with a tea in the evening!!

  13. love to take it with a cup off hot tea!

  14. love the sandwich any time..this luks yummy..

  15. Love this sandwich, looks so yum..


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