Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Connecting Back to Our Roots

When I sit and think of my childhood days, I could see it was full of joy and madness.  There are lot of unforgettable moments and memories. Things were simple then including our stories, games and toys! However, when I see our daughter and similar age group children I could not find that simplicity around. No it is not at all their fault; I believe the world has made them smarter. To be frank, we parents are partially responsible for that. We want our child to be safe at home at the same time we don’t spend time with them. So they have chosen their own path to be happy. The path leads them to the digital world. Actually, we helped them to take the help of digital world by sharing our smart phones. These smart phones make our kids smarter and sometimes out of control. Digital world takes our kids far away from the real world. The day is not far away when our next generation will become completely mechanic.

Being a responsible civilian, it is our duty to beak this complex chain and come out from this virtual world. We should take initiative first and then teach to our kids to go back to our roots and connect with each individual personally. I know digital world helps to connect first and it is the era of networking. However, we should not forget our traditional methods and customs. Digital world restricts our messages with 100 to 160 characters where we cannot share our feelings and emotions whereas our traditional way of writing letter has a special charm.
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Instead of enjoying weekends at gaming zone or malls, once in a while we should visit to nearby botanical gardens or zoo with family members or neighbours or friends. Kids and elder persons can interact with each other; this interaction brings them closer which I call Real Togetherness. We can arrange picnics often at farm houses where kids can learn more about nature, plantation which helps them to grow as a real human being. This way we can slowly make a Real Togetherness with Mother Nature which is a vital part in today’s busy life.

We should encourage everyone for gardening on holidays. This helps to learn about life-cycle of a plant and this good habit will save our world from global warming. To me Real Togetherness is nothing but rejuvenating our roots, connecting with each other personally, sharing each other’s thoughts, sharing joy and sorrow and many more emotional bonds. Can we forget the old saying  “ Unity is our Strength”. Let’s create a peaceful world irrespective of race and religion, and discover the joy of Real Togetherness while staying connected with our old roots. 

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