Wednesday, 8 July 2015

4 Quick Breakfast Recipes with Bread

Breakfast is the first meal of the day after a long gap of last night's dinner. Hence, you should not skip your breakfast. Breakfast helps to keep your metabolism running and thereby boost your energy. Breakfast also plays a major role in weight management. Eating breakfast can help you to control your hunger later in the day which will also stop you eating junk foods. However, knowing the benefits of breakfast we often skip it in a hurry. Sometimes you avoid eating breakfast because you just want to get rid off same boring bread and butter. So here I am sharing 4 quick breakfast recipes using bread. You can eat bread in different forms and forget skipping breakfast.

Instant Bread Dosa

If you are craving for dosa in breakfast but have not prepared the batter last night, no worries you can try this Instant Bread Dosa Recipe.

French Toast

It is another easiest way to make your bread tasty as well as healthy. Here is the recipe.

Fruity Sandwich

You have lot of fruits lying in your fruit basket but you do not have time to eat. You can prepare this fruity sandwich which is healthy and filling too. Click here to get the recipe.

Bread Upma

You have a mood to eat something salty and spicy, then try this easy-peasy bread upma. 


  1. Despite know the importance of breakfast, sad I find excuses. Next time after seeing these meals, I know what to make.

  2. Delicious & inviting bread recipe.....nice collection.must try bread dosa.New & interesting.

  3. super breakfast ideas !!

  4. I'm not a breakfast person but i do enjoy sandwiches..lovely collection dear


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