Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Luchi / Bengali style Deep fried Flatbread / Maida Poori

Luchi is a famous Bengali deep-fried flatbread which is prepared using all purpose flour or maida. Luchi is specially served with Aloo Dum or Chicken Kasha or Ghugni or Cholar Dal or Kumro Tarkari (Yellow Pumpkiin Curry). Luchi looks similar to Poori, however the main difference is Luchi is prepared from Maida whereas Poori  is prepared using Wheat flour or atta. Hence, another name of luchi is Maida Poori. Luchi is must in various occasions starting from birthday, marriage, puja, fasting day, etc. I remember in our childhood, we (me along with cousins) used to had competition of eating luchi whenever there was a family get together or wedding ceremony. Each of us would easily finish 8 to 10 luchis but now after having 3 or 4, feel we had them enough for the day.
My daughter loves eating luchi, so I prepare it quite often. Luchi served with curry and sandesh is one of the popular breakfast platter of Bengal. We don't get Bengal famous Sandesh here, but this time I prepared it at home so we had a Bong's style breakfast which was pure bliss! Sharing the easy recipe of Luchi here. Do let me know which is your favourite breakfast platter. 

Luchi / Bengali style Deep fried Flatbread / Maida Poori (Puri)


Maida - 11/2 cup
Ghee or refined oil - 2 tablespoon
Salt to Taste
Refined oil for deep frying


Take maida in a bowl and add salt and ghee. Mix them well and add required water to make a dry dough. Dough should not be sticky at the same time it has to soft. When you feel the dough is not sticking to your palm, then its ready. Now cover it with a damp cloth for an hour. Now divide the dough into small balls. The amount should give a yield of 12 to 15 balls.Roll each balls using little oil up to 3 to 4 inch diameter circles. Heat oil for deep frying. When the wok is smoking hot reduce the flame and put in the rolled poori. Press the luchi using spatula and when once side is light brown and fluffy, flip the other side and fry till light brown. Take it out from oil and repeat the procedure for remaining luchis. 


  1. Thanks for this- I didn't realise luchi was the same as poori only white flour. We had pooris last night with chana dal, brown rice and veg :)

  2. yummy and never knew it is luchi n from bengali cuisine :)
    I used to make it for my kid

  3. Never tried poori using maida. Looks very crisp and yummy!

  4. Never made before but have tasted. Like this home version.

  5. Yummy Bengali cuisine...... so nice to know about it..... :)

  6. I love this puri. It is soooo delicious. Crispy crispy

  7. Lovely delicious puris dear:)

  8. Nice to knw a new name of The recpie. poori looks very crisp


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