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Chanar Dalna / Bengali Style Chanar Dalna

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Chanar Dalna is an authentic Bengali recipe which is found in the menu list in various occasions. Homemade cottage cheese or chena is cooked with potato in a tomato gravy. This is a no onion no garlic recipe of homemade cottage cheese. Most of the Bengali functions are incomplete with out food, I must say 'Non-Veg Food'. However, very few people does not eat non-veg due to religious belief or health reasons. For those few vegetarian group, Chanar Dalna is must in the menu list. Apart from these, we often cook it at our home as a regular dish.

Chanar Dalna / Bengali Style Chanar Dalna


Homemade Cottage Cheese/ Chena/ Chana - 200 gms, cut in to blocks
Potato - 2 medium, cut into blocks
Green Peas - 1/4 cup
Tomato - 1 medium, chopped
Ginger Paste - 2 teaspoon
Cumin Powder - 2 teaspoon
Coriander Powder - 11/2 teaspoon
Red Chilli Powder - 1 teaspoon
Turmeric Powder - 2 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Sugar - 1 teaspoon
Bay Leaf - 1
Cumin Seeds - 1 teaspoon
Green Chilli - 2
Coriander Leaves - chopped, 1 tablespoon
Ghee - 1 teaspoon
Mustard Oil - 1/2 cup


1. Heat oil in a pan and fry the Chena(Paneer) cubes little brown using turmeric powder and salt. Keep them aside.
2. Now fry the potatoes similar way and keep them aside.
3. Reduce the oil or you can use fresh 2 tablespoon oil and add bay leaf , cumin seeds. Once they start crackling add chopped tomato and cook until the raw smell is gone.
4. Add green peas, ginger paste and green chilli.
5. Make a wet paste in a small bowl using turmeric powder, red chilli powder, cumin powder, coriander powder. Add this paste into pan and cook well.
6. Add salt and sugar. Next add two cups water and fried potatoes. Cover it with a lid and cook under slow flame for 5 to 10 minutes. 
7. Now open the lid and add fried chena cubes. Boil it for two minutes. Finally, add ghee and garam masala powder before switching off the gas.


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