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Ranga Alur Pithe/Ranga Alur Bhaja Pithe/ Ranga Aloo r Pithe Puli/Sweet Potato Dumpling

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Tomorrow is Sankranti which is celebrated all over in India in different names. Festivals are not completed without food. This is not an exception. In Bengal, it is known Poush Parbon or Pithe Parbon. Varieties of dumplings were prepared using rice flour (new rice) and coconut as stuffing. Date palm jaggery is mainly used as sweetener in all these dishes.

Today our busy lifestyle has taken away all these traditional recipes, in another few years it will be called extinct sweet dish. However, good news is nowadays sweet shops in Bengal are selling 'pithe' (dumpling). Today I am sharing ranga alur bhaja pithe recipe.

HAPPY MAKAR SANKRANTI to all my readers!

Ranga Alur Pithe/ Ranga Alur Bhaja Pithe/ Ranga Aloo r Pithe Puli


For Outer Shell

Ranga alu/ Sweet potato - 300 gm
Moong daal (Yellow lentil) - 3/4 cup
Rice flour - 2 table spoon
Date plam jaggery - 2 table spoon
Ghee - 1 table spoon
Refined oil for deep frying

For stuffing:

Grated coconut - 2 cups
Date palm jaggery/gur (As per your sweet taste bud)

For syrup:

Date palm jaggery/gur - 1 cup
Water - 1 cup


For stuffing

In a vessel take finely grated coconut and jaggery, mix well. Transfer the mixture into a pan and cook under slow flame until it becomes sticky in nature. Allow to cool it.

For Outer Shell

Dry roast the moong dal for 5 minutes under medium flame (should not turn brown or black) and later wash it under running water. Also peel and clean sweet potatoes. Take cleaned dal and sweet potatoes in pressure cooker and adjust the water level such a way that after whistles there should not be excess water left  in the cooker and the ingredients inside the cooker are soft. Now take them out in a plate and mash them well in hot condition. Add jaggery and rice flour to make a soft smooth dough. 


Take very little amount of the dough  and make it smooth with using your plams. Now flatten it on palm and press the middle portion using thumb to make a pocket. Put some coconut stuffing and fold it in a crescent shape (half moon). Tap the edges properly, to avoid the stuffing coming out. Keep it in a covered bowl until remaining dumplings are ready. This helps to avoid drying up and cracks on the outer shell.

 Next heat enough oil for deep frying. Add 4 to 5 dumplings at a time and fry until they are reddish brown in colour. Adjust the flame while frying do not burn them.  Serve them with melted date palm jaggery.

Many people dip them in sugar syrup or jaggery syrup for and hour or so. We ate the fried one:)

For syrup:

In a sauce pan, add jaggery (or sugar) and water together. Bring it to boil for 8 to 10 minutes. Switch off the gas and allow it to cool. Add dumplings in the syrup for 1 hour and serve it. Syrup consistency should be medium.

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  1. I agree - nothing like a sweet treat for festive season. I like the addition of sweet potatoes for the natural sweetness.

  2. That's a nice traditional recipe. Getting to learn about different regional cuisines.

  3. Mouthwatery bhaja pithe, delicious!!

  4. Very tempting and including sweet potato is a great idea!!


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