Honey Glazed Pancake

February 06, 2014 Motions and Emotions 4 Comments

Dosa, Idli, Paratha  or sandwich for tiffin! Your kid is bored of these items and he or she insists to eat in school canteen to change his or her taste bud. You don't have any other choice because making different recipe will take time and you will be late for office! You are worried about your child's health too. Hence, you cannot pack fast food! Really, puzzled what to do? I have a healthy solution for you :). Pancakes will save you from this situation. You can prepare varieties of pancake. Here is the simplest one for you. Try this Honey glazed sweet pancake. More pancake recipes are coming on my page.

Honey Glazed Pancake


Maida (Flour) - 1 cup
Baking Powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Butter - 2 teaspoon
Sugar Powder / Sugar - 1/3 cup
Eggs - 2
Honey - 2 teaspoon
Milk - 1/2 cup


Take maida, sugar powder and baking soda in a bowl. Mix them very well. Now beat eggs in another bowl and add it to the mixture. You can add a pinch of salt to enhance the taste. Beat the mixture very well with a spoon or hand blender. There should not be any lump. Now add milk into it and prepare the batter. You can add honey instead of sugar powder. This will reduce your calorie intake. Now heat butter in a pan and give a ladle full of batter in the pan. When one side is cooked flip the other side. Take out from the pan and glaze with honey. Your healthy pancake is ready to serve. 


  1. I know. The same tiffin food food, god, sometimes so boring. Of course, these pancakes are a sheer pleasure. Would love with a doll-up of butter as well.


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