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Kashmiri Mushroom Masala

January 07, 2014 Motions and Emotions 6 Comments

Valley of Kashmir is now covered with snow and almost everyday getting fresh snowfall. Mercury has dropped down to - degree Celsius. Would like to take a tour of this valley now??
Don't worry, you can visit Kashmir during  Spring now you can enjoy a cuisine from the heart of heaven!

Kashmiri Mushroom Masala is my today's post. It goes well with roti and plain rice. Though I don't like eating spicy, however I am very much fond of Kashmiri Cuisine. Few weeks back I had shared the recipe of Kashmiri Paneer and Kashmiri Mushroom Masala is quite similar to that paneer recipe. I have used Button Mushroom for this Recipe, however, you can choose oyster mushroom which actually taste best in Kashmiri Mushroom Masala. This is an easy recipe and really tasty, so try it out and let me know your thoughts about this delicious dish.

Kashmiri Mushroom Masala

Button mushroom – 200 gms
Tomato paste/ puree –  3/4 cup
Chilly powder –  1 teaspoon
Asafoetida - a pinch
Dry ginger powder - 2 teaspoon
Fennel seed powder - 2 teaspoon
Green chilli
Salt – to taste
Sugar - 1 teaspoon
Black peppercorn - 3 to 4
Bay leaf – 2 small
Dry red chilli - 2
Turmeric powder
Refined oil


Clean mushrooms using cold water and cut them vertically so that it looks like umbrella. Fry these mushrooms in oil and keep them aside. Now heat oil (you can cook in desi ghee also to make it rich) in a pan and add a pinch of asafoetida followed by black pepper corn, bay leaf and dry red chilli as a seasoner. Once they start crackling, add the tomato puree and cook it. Next goes turmeric powder for the color and sugar to balance the acidity of tomato. Now add dry ginger powder, salt, red chilli powder and green chilli. Cook them thoroughly. Lastly add fennel seed powder and pour 1 cup water. After adding fennel seed powder you should not cook it for long. Now cover the pan with a lid and wait for few minutes. This time add fried mushrooms into the rich colorful gravy. Wait for few more minutes and taste the salt. Now turn off the gas and add 2 drops desi ghee as it is an important ingredient of kashmiri cuisine. You can garnish with fresh coriander leaves. Serve it with any kind of Indian Bread.


  1. Mushroom curry is very inviting from its texture, must be very delicious!

  2. Oh kashmiri cusines are hot .I thought only the color of them is hot .Nice to know ...Currry looks very tempting

  3. delicious mashroom curry. thanks for travel us to a heaven on earth thru this yummy dish.

  4. looks inviting..Im sure it tasted yummy..

  5. very very inviting and delicious curry dear !!

  6. Hi Amirta,
    I have nominated your blog for Liebster award.please collect it from my page.
    Shereen Michael


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