Nimki (Salty & Crunchy diamond shaped Nimki)

October 21, 2013 Motions and Emotions 5 Comments

'Vijaya Dashami' is the last day of Durga Puja and in the pther part of India it is also known as Dusshera. On that day Devi Durga returns to her husband at Himalaya and the idol is immersed in to river or lake. People starts greeting each other, younger one take blessing from elders and sweet & snack items are being distributed on the occasion of Vijaya Dashami. Traditionally, we Bengalese used to prepare "Nimki" (A snack item) and "Narkol Naru" (Coconut Sweet) at home for Vijaya Dashami. Nimki makes me nostalgic and reminds my childhood puja days. This year I prepared Nimki for the first time and my little one liked it very much. Wishing you Shubho Vijaya and sharing the recipe for my dear readers.

Salty & Crunchy diamond shaped Nimki


Maida (All purpose flour) - 2 cups
Ghee - 2 tablespoon
Salt to taste
Kalonji (Nigella seeds/ Kalojeere) - 1 teaspoon
Sodium bicarbonate - 1/8 teaspoon
Refined oil for deep frying
Black salt - 1/2 teaspoon for sprinkling on top


Take maida in a bowl and mix salt, sugar, kalonji and sodium bicarbonate into it. Then add ghee and make a dough by adding water. Now cover the dough with a wet cloth for 30 minutes. Make equal size balls from the dough. Roll each ball like a chapatti. Take a knife and cut the roti horizontally and vertically such a way that it makes diamond shaped small pieces. Repeat the same procedure for other balls which are made from the dough.

Now heat oil in a wok and fry the diamond shaped nimki. When they turn golden brown take out them from oil in a tissue paper to soak the extra oil.  Once it cools down sprinkle little salt on top. You can store them in an air tight container and serve your guest.


  1. Looks nice & crisp.Thanks for linking this to Gayathri's WTML Event.

  2. perfectly made crispy snack :) looks super delicious !!

  3. Hi ,

    Nice blog and nice work. Though this is my first visit I will try visiting it often.

    Sometimes, visit mine too

  4. Hi Amrita,

    Your crispy munchies look yummy. They look very addictive :D

    Nice to know you via blogging. I'm now your latest follower and hope to hear from you at my blog soon :D



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