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Kiwi Cooler is a lovely refreshing cool drink for Summer days. The taste of the drink is sweet and sour in nature. You need very few ingredients to prepare this easy mocktail. We often think what we can prepare as welcome drink for our guests. So this is an easy and quick mocktail recipe which we can offer to our guests during summer days as the availability of Kiwi is high in affordable prices at that time.

I was not familiar with kiwi even few years back. I just came to know about kiwi when supermarkets in Bangalore started selling this fruit. Later my parents went a trip to Arunachal Pradesh and they visited the orchards where kiwis are cultivated in a large scale. I started purchasing kiwi from the supermarkets and initially I did not know how to purchase kiwi. I bought unripen kiwis which are quite sour in taste. I did not like the taste. Later I had a kiwi fruit cake where the decorated kiwis were sweet in taste. I was surprised! Then slowly I learnt how to buy kiwis. You should go for slightly brown color skin than green color skin. Ripen kiwis are soft ---this is one more way to pick the ripen kiwis. If you are using the ripen kiwis for the kiwi cooler use less amount of sugar in the drink. It is better to prepare this drink and serve immediately. It actually keeps the fresh taste of the fruit and the freshness of the lemon juice.

Preparation time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 20 mins
Serves: 2

Kiwi Cooler

Kiwi - 3 nos
Sugar - 2 to 3 tablespoons
Soda - 3 cups
Water - 1/2 cup
Lemon Juice - 1 tablespoon
Ice cubes - few

1. Peel all the kiwis. Slice one kiwi in round slices and keep aside.
2. Chop remaining 2 kiwis and put them in blender and make smooth paste.
3. Add sugar, lemon juice and water into the blender and blend once again.
4. Now put ice cubes in the glasses and pour the kiwi paste equally in both glasses.

Before pouring the soda in the glass

5. Finally pour soda in both glasses, it creates layer in glass and decorate with kiwi slices.


Orange Iced Tea is a wonderful drink to welcome your guest. Whenever guest comes home during summer we often think what to offer because during hot summer days people prefer cold drinks than hot beverages like tea or coffee.  Hence we just simply welcome guests with a glass of soft drink. However, this Orange Iced Tea is just perfect for Summer days. You are offering your guest tea and on the other hand, it is a chilled drink too.

I am sure you must have tried different flavours of tea such as Ginger Tea, Lemon Tea, Cardamom Tea and many more. Have you ever tried fruit flavour tea? If not you must try it and I would say Orange Iced Tea is the best one to try. It is so refreshing that after you serve it to your guest they are definitely going to praise your taste. Every Summer I do prepare Iced Tea Lime Soda which is also a very good welcome drink during Summer. This time I tried with orange and I totally loved it. I have a plan to try Peach Iced Tea. Share your idea what all fruit flavoured tea I can prepare....Till then you check out the recipe and don't forget to try at home.

Serving - 2
Preparation Time - 5 minutes
Cooking Time - 1hr 15 minutes

Orange Iced Tea

Tea leaves - 11/2 teaspoon
Orange - 2 to 3 nos
Water - 2 to 3 cups
Sugar - 2 tablespoon
Ice cubes - Few

For Garnishing

Orange Slices - 3 to 4
Mint Sprigs - 2 to 3


1. Squeeze orange juice from the oranges and keep aside.
2. Boil water in a saucepan.
3. Add sugar and tea leaves into the boiling water. Boil for 2 minutes and switch off the gas and cover the pan with a lid for couple of minutes.
4. Strain the tea decoction in a pitcher and allow to cool it.
5. Now add the orange juice into the pitcher and keep it in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.
6. Take two glasses and add ice cubes into them.
7. Now pour the cold orange tea into the glasses.
8. Add orange slice and mint sprig to each glass and serve immediately.


April was totally hot this time and we were trying all possible remedies to cool ourselves. Every summer I prepare different types of summer cooler to beat the heat and this year was also no exception. This time mangoes are late in the market but other summer fruits were flooding the market. There was good supply of pineapple, muskmelon, watermelon and other melons.  This time we enjoyed pineapple a lot. Normally, we enjoy pineapple just like that with the sprinkle of little salt. I also prepare pineapple juice but this time I tries a perfect summer cooler virgin pineapple mint mojito.

Mojito is a famous Cuban drink which contains white rum, lime juice, soda, and mint leaves. It is a cocktail. However, I prepare non-alcoholic mojito which is also called virgin mojito. This time I tried mojito with a tropical fruit pineapple and virgin pineapple mint mojito tasted just awesome. Combination of pineapple and mint is really refreshing. If you are arranging a party at home you can surely try this Virgin pineapple mint mojito. When pineapples are in season, you must try this interesting mocktail recipe.

Serving: 2
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes

Virgin Pineapple Mint Mojito

Pineapple - cut into dice, 2 cups
Pineapple Disc / Slice - for garnishing
Sugar - 3 to 4 tablespoon
Mint Leaves - 6 to 8
Mint Sprigs - 2
Lemon Wedges / slices - 3 to 4
Club Soda - approximately 2 cups (to top the glasses)
Ice cubes - few
Water - 1/2 to 1 cup


1.       Take 11/2 cup of pineapple cubes in a blender and add required water and blend well.
2.       Strain the pineapple juice and keep aside.
3.       Take two medium side glasses and in each glass, add few pineapple cubes (4 to 5), mint leaves           (3 to 4) and sugar. Muddle them using a muddler till the pineapple chunks are mashed      
4.       Now add ice cubes in each glass and add lemon wedges, mint sprigs in the glass.
5.       Pour prepared pineapple juice equally in both glasses.
6.       Finally add the club soda to top the glasses and Virgin Pineapple Mint Mojito is ready to serve.


Rooh Afza is a famous non-alcoholic concentrated squash. This is a popular summer drink of our childhood. Before the market flooded with various juices and squash, Rooh Afza was a famous drink in every Indian household. I think like me many of us have a childhood memory with Rooh Afza drink. I wanted give a twist to our regular lassi with this rooh afza. Hence, I am sharing the recipe of Rooh Afza Lassi. A lassi flavoured with the popular drink rooh afza.

This recipe is very easy and you can prepare quickly when you have sudden guests at home. I am sure many of you are aware of the taste and aroma of rooh afza. Those who have no idea, I will tell them please get a rooh afza bottle today and try it. It has rosy flavour and aroma which goes very well with the flavour of lassi. I knew the flavours of Rooh Afza but I was not sure about my daughter that whether she will like the taste or not (as current generation has a totally different taste buds). Surprisingly, she like the rooh afza lassi very much and requested me to prepare again.. There comes the success of my experiment..😊.. Check out the recipe and do give a trial and share your feedback ...

Serving: 2
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time 15 minutes

Rooh Afza Lassi


Yogurt - 2 cups, chilled
Milk - 2 cups, chilled
Sugar - 2 to 3 tablespoon
Rooh Afza Syrup - 2 tablespoon
Ice cubes - few
Almonds - few, chopped for garnishing


1. Take yogurt, milk and sugar water in a blender and blend well.
2. Now add ice cubes and blend for 2 minutes.
3. At this time check the consistency of the mixture, if it is too thick then add more milk and blend again.
4. Next add rooh afza syrup and once again blend the mixture.
5. Pour the mixture into glasses and garnish with chopped almonds on top. Rooh Afza Lassi is ready to serve.

NB: Rooh afza syrup already has sugar so adjust the sugar quantity according to your taste bud.


Jamun is primarily a summer fruit which has amazing health benefits. It is mainly available in the month of May, June and rarely first half of July. In Bengali we say in summer 'aam jam kanthal r samay' (this is the season of Mango, Indian Blackberry /Jamun and Jackfruit). I remember my father used to bring jamun during summer. The he used to wash and marinate with salt and offer us to eat. Frankly, speaking I am not a Jamun lover :(. After eating jamun you feel a tartness with slightly astringent which I don't like at all. So I used to eat only 3 to 4 pieces.

Even my better half love jamun however when we came to Bangalore Jamun used to be very expensive and rarely available during season. This year it is totally different scene. I could see jamun everywhere and cheap too. We (including me) had enough of it and this is almost end of July and still they are available in the market. I had jamuns this time thinking of its health benefits. It is very good for diabetic people.

As it was avaialble in the market we used to buy a lot and I tried recipes with it. Few days back I shared the recipe of Jamun Oats Smoothie Bowl. This time I thought of preparing a drink using jamun. The only problem is you have to be patient while de-seeding the jamun. While de-seeding wear apron or be careful of spilling its juice on your dress. The stain does not go very easily. Try this recipe of Jamun Shots which is perfect during summer days. Even I like the taste of this drink. I think addition of salt and lemon juice create the magic.

Jamun Shots 


Jamun / Indian Black Berry - 12 to 15 nos
Chilled Water - 11/2 cup
Lemon Juice - 1 teaspoon
Sugar - 1 tablespoon (Optional)
Black Salt - 1/4 teaspoon
Lemon wedges - 1 or 2
Salt - 2 to 3 tablespoon for garnishing
Mint Sprig - for garnishing


1. Clean and de-seed the jamuns and take them in a blender.
2. Now add sugar, black salt and 1 cup of water in the blender and blend together.
3. Pour it in a tall glass and add remaining water and lemon juice and mix well.
4. Spread the salt in a plate.
5. Take a lemon wedge and rub it on the brim of shot glasses.
6. Next place each shot glass upside down in the salt.  Salt will stuck on the edge of the glass creating a ring of salt.
7. Now pour the drink in each glass and garnish with mint sprig.

NB: You can also add ice cubes to the drink however I have used chilled water hence avoided it. If you want you can avoid sugar in the drink.


My last post was a mango drink, that is aam panna which was like by many of you. So I have decided to post another mango drink today. The name of the drink is Mango Mastani which sounds like a Bollywood movie. Trust me like the name look-wise the drink is also appealing. This Mango Mastani is prepared using ripe mangoes unlike aam panna which is a raw/green mango drink.

What is Mango Mastani? This question arised when I first heard the name of it later when I searched in internet I came to know this drink is basically famous in the city of Pune. It is nothing but a version of milk shake which is thick in texture and served with a big dollop of ice cream on top which makes the drink for lucrative. It is also topped with some dry fruits and chopped mangoes. I have not added chopped mangoes if you want can put them. This drink is really filling as it contains mango puree, milk, ice cream and nuts. Before the mango season ends, you can prepare this Pune special now India famous Mango Mastani and enjoy Summer!

Mango Mastani

Ripe Mango -  2 to 3
Milk - 1.5 cups
Sugar - 2 to 3 tablespoon (Adjust according to the tastebud)
Vanilla Ice cream - 4 to 6 scoops
Cashews - 5 to 6, chopped
Pistachios - 5 to 6, chopped
Almonds - 5 to 6, chopped
Cherries - 4 for garnishing


1. Peel the mangoes and chop them. Put the chopped mangoes in a blender and make a puree.
2. Now add sugar, milk and one or two scoop vanilla ice cream and blend until smooth.
3. Pour the drink in the glasses (fill 2/3 rd part).
4. Top with ice cream and dry fruits and garnish with cherry and serve.


Aam panna is a popular Indian drink which is prepared from green (raw) mangoes during Summer. Green mango has heat-resistant properties which helps to beat the heat during Summer especially in India. Taste of aam panna is the blend of different flavours including sweetness, tangy-ness and salty with the flavour of spices.

This is the first time I prepared aam panna at home and I thought why didn't I prepare this for all these days. When I served it to my husband when he came back from office he was really satisfied and drank till the last drop and then he asked what is the drink name? I said it is aam panna. He immediately asked 'Why isn't it green color?' Yes it is not his mistake because normally what we get in market (bottled aam panna) is green in colour. So I said aam panna is prepared from the pulp so it is the pulp colour (which is not green :))...Few people add mint leaves to aam panna which gives the green colour, I avoided as I wanted to enjoy the flavour of raw mango and didn't want to blend with any other taste. But market bought bottles normally use synthetic food colours to symbolize green mango. Even you can try this 'Aam Panna' during this Summer. So what are you waiting for! Nowadays market is flooding with mangoes, grab them and check out the recipe here and prepare the drink! And yes don't forget to share the feedback to me..

Aam Panna

Green Mangoes - 500 gm
Sugar - 1 cup
Water - 3 cups
Roasted Cumin Powder - 11/2 teaspoon
Black Salt - 1 teaspoon
Salt - 1/2 teaspoon
Water - 2 to 3 cups
Ice cubes - few


1. Wash and cut the upper part of the bud and boil the mangoes for 10 to 15 minutes. If you are using pressure cooker put one whistle under medium flame.
2. Cool the mangoes and peel them. Take put the pulp and mash them properly.
3. Add water along with the mango pulp and blend well.
4. Now add sugar and mix well until it is dissolved.
5. Next add roasted cumin powder, salt and black salt and mix well once again.
6. Pour into the glasses and serve with ice cubes.

NB: If you do not want to use ice cubes you can keep the drink in refrigerator for one hour or can use chilled water while preparing the drink.


Hot Summer has come shortening  the Spring! Hardly we could enjoy the pleasant weather of Spring and Summer forcefully has entered now! Summer holidays has started here at Bangalore Schools but the schools have started the Summer camps.. Normally, I used to go out for grocery shopping, bank works and other important works before noon and come back before 1 pm. But these days I don't feel like going out because of the scorching heat and lot of work is pending because of that.

Earlier the Bangalore weather was not humid but now it is so lot of sweating! And you should keep yourself hydrating all the times. Only water is not enough you need to add electrolytes to your drink like salt. Cucumber and curd both are very good for Summer days. So I prepared salted cucumber lassi which is just perfect for Summer. Addition of green chilli and ginger  gave a special kick to the lassi. I do not love spicy foods much so I was worried while adding the green chilli but when I had the cucumber lassi it proved me wrong and I will suggest to try this salted cucumber lassi. Here is the simple recipe of a glassful of salted cucumber recipe.

Salted Cucumber Lassi 


Cucumber - 1 medium, peeled and chopped
Salt - as per taste
Ginger - 1/2 inch
Thick Curd - 1 cup
Green Chilli - 1
Garnishing - Mint leaves, cucumber cut into circles


1. Take cucumber, curd, ginger, green chilli and salt in a mixer jar.
2. Blend all the ingredients together until it becomes smooth and frothy. Now pour it into a glass and keep it in refrigerator for half an hour.
3. Garnish it with mint leaves and cucumbers and serve chilled.

Tips: You can also add a pinch of roasted cumin powder.


Lassi is a popular yogurt-based Indian drink. This was originated in the Northern Part of India, specifically from Punjab. Lassi could be salted or sweet; however, I prefer sweet lassi or flavoured lassi. Lassis are very beneficial during hot summer days.  This year I had lot of strawberries and also prepared different drinks using it! I know I am bit late to post the recipes but no worries you will still get strawberries in market but it is little expensive now!

In traditional lassi spices are used to make it more tasty but in fruit lassi I did not use any spices because I just wanted to dominate the flavour of the fruit. While blending yogurt with strawberries add little water, you can also add milk but I would like to mention in that case the drink will be called smoothie not lassi. Doesn't matter whether lassi or smoothie, it is an amazing refreshing drink.

Strawberry Lassi


Strawberries - 6 to 8 + 2 for garnishing
Yogurt - 11/2 cups
Water - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 5 to 6 tablespoon
Ice cubes - 4 to 6 (optional)


1. Clean the strawberries and remove the stems. 
2. Take the strawberries, sugar and yogurt in a blender and blend until smooth. Add water and blend once again. You can also use milk instead of water.
3. Place the ice cubes in two glasses and pour the lassi in the glasses.  Garnish with strawberry. 


Few days back I shared the recipe of Virgin Mojito. Today I am sharing Watermelon mojito. Watermelon is easily available in the market now. Watermelon itself is a cooler and if you add mint and lemon juice, it becomes a super-cooler!

I was checking about the nutritional facts of watermelon and came to know about an interesting fact. Each bite of watermelon contains about 92% of water!. Isn't it an amazing fact! It also contains some amount of sugar. So during summer your body needs to be re-hydrated, so drinking water is not enough to replace the electrolytes. Watermelon also contains high amount of Potassium and other vitamins & minerals. So having watermelon during summer can help to maintain your body's electrolyte balance. 

You can prepare watermelon mojito easily and quickly! If you have the ingredients in your pantry, you can serve this chilled drink to your sudden guest as well. It is also a good kitty party or pool party drink during summer. So next time you bring a watermelon home, do not forget to try this watermelon mojito!

Watermelon Mojito 


Watermelon - 2 cups, seedless, cut into chunks
Mint leaves - 12 to 15
Sugar - 4 to 5 tablespoon
Lemon Juice - 2 to 3 tablespoon
Ice Cubes- 6 to 8
Soda water as required
For garnishing – 2 or 3 strings of mint leaves 


1. Take some mint leaves in a pitcher and muddle them.
2. Add watermelon chunks and sugar muddle again. Take superfine sugar or castor sugar which dissolves easily.
3. Now mix lemon juice to it.
4. In a glass, add the ice cubes and pour the mixture. Finally, add soda water to fill the glass. Stir well. Garnish the glass with mint leaves and lemon slice. You can also use some watermelon juice along with soda water to fill the glass. 


In this hot summer who wouldn't like to grab the above glass full of ginger lemonade? Most of the time I prepare just lemonade or nimbu pani , but this time I made Ginger lemon soda. Ginger has lot of medicinal benefit. It is useful in relieving digestive problems and also useful in sore throat due to cold.

After a heavy meal, a glass full of ginger lemon soda is a pure bliss especially during this hot summer days. You need very simple ingredients to prepare ginger lemonade at home. Addition of ice cubes to the drink is absolutely your choice. I have avoided ice, instead I have used chilled soda water. You can also replace sugar and use honey which would add more health benefits to the drink.

Ginger Lemon Soda/Sparkling Ginger Lemonade/Ginger Lemon Fizz


Water - 2 cups
Sugar - 2/3 cup
Club Soda - 2 cups
Ginger - minced, 2 tablespoon
Lemon Juice - 1/4 cup
Ice Cubes - Optional

1. Take water in a saucepan and add sugar and minced ginger. Bring it to boil.

2. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Strain it and discard gingers. Cool it.

3. Pour it in a jug and add ice cubes, club soda and stir in lemon juice.  Add in some more lemon slices.


Outside is too hot, so a cool and refreshing drink for you all! Today I am sharing a party mock-tail Virgin Mojito. Mojito is traditional drink which is based on Rum. However, Virgin Mojito is a mock-tail and does not contain any alcoholic drink. You can easily serve this drink in your home based parties, kitties or welcoming guest.
I heard lot about his drink since I came to food blogging but did not tasted it. Few months back mother-daughter duo visited a newly opened cafe in nearby mall. I saw virgin mojito in menu and immediately ordered it. Liked the taste very much and since then wanted to try it at home. I know it's been long time but finally I tried it before we arrive to next summer :P Though recipe calls for crushed ice, I have used ice cubes. Many people use lemonade drink (Sprite/7up) instead of soda water. I have used soda water. If you are planning to use lemonade then cut down your sugar quantity as lemonade is already sweet.

Virgin Mojito


Mint leaves - 15
Sugar - 4 to 5 tablespoon
Lemons - 1, sliced
Lemon Juice - 2 to 3 tablespoon
Ice Cubes- 6 to 8
Soda water as required
For garnishing – Mint Leaves & Lemon slice.


1. Take some mint leaves in a pitcher and muddle them. Add lemon slices and muddle again.
2. Next add sugar to it. You can add castor sugar which will easily dissolve.
3. Now mix lemon juice to it.
4. Add soda water into the mixture. Take the mixture in a shaker and shake it well.
5. In a glass, add the ice cubes and pour the mixture. Garnish the glass with mint leaves and lemon slice.


I never used to like musk melon however it was my better half's favourite fruit. However, I used to eat it thinking about its health perspective. However, it was a rare in my fruit basket. Now my daughter also loves to eat musk melon, so the opponent group is heavier and now quite often you can find musk melon on my fruit basket. Recently, I tried this Musk Melon Cooler which is far better than the whole fruit (My opinion). You can relish this cool drink during hot summer days. You just need few ingredients to prepare this and can be served to your guests (who likes Musk Melon) as a healthy drink instead of some soda.

Musk Melon Cooler


Musk Melon - 2 cups, peeled and cut into small blocks

Lemon Juice - 1 or 2 teaspoon
Sugar - 2 tablespoon
Water - 11/2 cups
Crushed Ice - 2 tablespoon (optional)


1. In a blender take the musk melon and sugar together and make a smooth puree.

2. Now add water in to it and blend once again. Pour in the glass and add lemon juice. Stir it. Finally, top it with crushed ice. 
3. If you wish you can also add small blocks of musk melon on top. 


Isn't this glassful of juice increasing your thirst??

This is a Sunrise Surprise or simply you can say this is a combo of mango and papaya juice. The way morning sunrise boosts your energy, this glassful of sunrise surprise will also help you to kick start your day. Recently in a cookery show I had watched this juice where they had also used pineapple juice. It is named as sunrise surprise because the color of the juice resembles the sky color during sunrise. The making of this juice is very easy.

Sunrise Surprise / Mango and Papaya Juice


Papaya - 1 cup, cut into cubes
Mango - 1 cup, cut into cubes
Sugar - 2 tablespoon
Ice - Crushed (optional)


1. In a blender take papaya pieces & 1 tablespoon sugar and make a smooth paste. Open the blender and add half cup water and again blend it. Keep it aside.

2. Now take mango pieces and sugar and repeat the same process.

3. Take a long glass and pour the mango juice first. Now take a spoon and hold it in inverted position. While pouring the papaya juice in glass, pass the juice over this inverted spoon. It helps to separate both the layers. Finally you can add crushed ice on top. I avoided to add ice. 


When I was writing this post, my android device showed a notification which says again tremors felt in Delhi. It just reminded me about April 25th when the devastating earthquake took away more than eight thousands of lives  and injuring approximately 18,000 people in Nepal. Though the epicenter of the earthquake was in Nepal however tremors was also felt in Northern and Eastern part of India. I was in my native town and felt the tremors. Initially, everyone felt dizziness and only after few minutes we realized there was an earthquake and we all came out from house. This kind of situations makes you feel helpless. Human being cannot win over natural calamities irrespective of their modern gadgets. Hope to get stable life for the people of Nepal as well as India in coming days.

Now coming to the recipe, today I am sharing simple and refreshing papaya juice. A glass full of papaya juice along with your breakfast can make your day. You can also have papaya juice after a simple and light lunch. I have added chaat masala to make this juice more tasty.

Papaya Juice


Papaya - peeled and cut in to blocks, 2 cups
Sugar - 2 tablespoon
Chaat Masala - 1 teaspoon
Black Salt - 1/2 teaspoon
Crushed Ice - 1/3 cup (Optional)
Water as required (I used 2 cups)


Take papaya blocks, sugar and black salt in a blender and make a smooth paste. Next add water into the blender and make a slushy drink. Finally add chaat masala and crushed ice and blend once again. Serve in a glass. You can also add lemon juice.


Friday was my daughter's last school from this session and she has been graduated to nursery! Phew, days are running so faster. Now I have to think about more options to keep her engaged all the time otherwise she will keep on watching tv which I don't like :(. Sometimes she listens to me and agrees to switch off the tv, but at times she becomes arrogant, that is where the problem starts. Even I will miss my 'me' time now throughout the vacation. What to do, that's all part of life.

Coming back to today's post, I prepared iced tea soda few days back to enjoy 'me' time :). It came out really good. Normally I drink iced tea during summer days however never tried with the addition of soda. It can be a very good kitty party drink during this summer. Very very simple ingredients, only you have to get a soda bottle with your regular grocery shopping. I used tea bag, you can also use tea leaves and strain them before cooling it. But while using tea leaves, do not boil them much otherwise you could get a bitter taste. 

Iced Tea Soda / Iced Tea Lime Soda (One Long Tumbler)


Water - 11/2 cup

Soda - 11/2 cup, chilled
Tea Bag - 1 
Sugar - 2 tablespoon
Lime Juice - 1 teaspoon
Ice cubes - 4 to5 


Boil water and pour in a glass and dip the tea bag in water.
2. After 2 to 3 minutes take out the tea bag and dissolve the sugar into it, finally allow the decoction to cool.
3. Then put the decoction in the refrigerator for half an hour.
4. After that, take the tea decoction out from refrigerator and add lime juice.
5. Now transfer this decoction into a serving glass and add soda. Serve with ice cubes.


Cold Coffee Frappe tastes yummy!

How about a glass of cold coffee after your lunch or dinner? Even you were thinking the same. No no you don't have to go out of  your house just for a glass of delicious cold coffee. You can prepare at home before lunch or dinner and keep it in the refrigerator. After food, you can just relax and sip your glass of cold coffee while listening good music or chatting with your partner or watching a good movie or finishing the thriller novel. Making cold coffee frappe is really very easy. You can prepare cold coffee frappe by following some simple steps.

Cold Coffee Frappe  / How to Prepare Cold Coffee Frappe


Milk - 2 cups

Milk Chocolate Bar - 20 gms
Whipped Cream - 1/2 cup
Vanilla Icecream - 2 scoops
Sugar - 5 teaspoon
Ice cubes - 4 to 5
Coffee Powder - 3 teaspoon


Prepare coffee decoction using a coffee filter. If you do not have a coffee filter, simply take coffee powder in strainer and pour water from top and collect the decoction in a cup. Now allow the decoction to cool, then put it in a refrigerator for half an hour. Melt milk chocolate(10 gms) in double boiler and decorate the coffee glasses and keep the glasses in the refrigerator. On the other hand, in a grinder bowl take milk, sugar, ice cubes, whipped cream (half portion) and blend it well. Now add the coffee decoction and blend it again. After that pour the cold coffee in the decorated glasses. Next add whipped cream on the top of that and add a scoop of vanilla icecream  on top of each glass. Now grate the remaining chocolates and sprinkle on the top of vanilla scoop. Cold Coffee Frape is ready to serve.

1. Instead of melted chocolate you can use chocolate sauce to decorate the glass.
2. You can sprinkle coffee powder along with grated chocolate.
3. Do not use more ice cubes, it will dilute the coffee.

Spring has not yet gone but Summer has started showing its presence. Mercury is riding high. In these Summer days often you feel thirsty & body also gets dehydrated, you need some cool drink. Today I will talk about mango smoothie. In this whole Summer season only thing I like is the fragrence of mango is in the air. It is quite beneficial and helps to prevent cancer, lowers cholesterol. Mango is also good for skin and eye health. 

Mango Smoothie


Mango ripe - 2 (I have used Raspuri here)
Milk - 1/2 cup (Cold)
Curd - 3 teaspoon
Sugar - 3-4 teaspoon
Green cardamom - two cloves, skin is removed & crushed


Peel off the mango skin & deseed it. Take the mango pulp or you can use canned mango pulp. But real mango tastes better than canned one. Take the mango pulp in mixer bowl and add all the ingredients. Mix it properly in the juicer mixer and pour into glass and serve it. you can use ice cubes or crushed ice but I will recommend to use cold milk instead of ice or after making the smoothie keep it in freezer for some time and then serve it. Instead of sugar you can use honey to make your drink more healthier.


Coolers are hit during summer days. Already mercury has crossed 35 degree at many places of India. During summer we all would love to have a full glass of cool drink. Nowadays, most of us prefer carbonated cool drinks, which are not good for health, especially for kids this is not at all safe. When we go out kids also insist us to buy 'gola' (made with ice & colors). These all have zero food value. Today I am sharing a healthy and tasty summer cooler to beat the heat of summer. This summer cooler has goodness of milk and fruit which is healthy for kids as well as adults. 

Chikoo Milkshake


Chikoo - 2 nos, peel the skin and deseed it
Sugar - 5-6 spoon
Boiled & cooled Milk - 1/2 litre
Crushed Ice


Take the chikoos and make a smooth paste in mixer. Now put the paste equally in glasses. Add sugar and milk in each glass. Then stir well to mix it. Add crushed ice on top. If your milk is cold you can avoid adding ice. Instead of sugar you can add honey to make it more healthy.



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