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I am Amrita, a content writer (medical writer) by profession and love to experiment with food. My passion of writing and cooking has motivated me to create an accessible diary (Blog: Motions and Emotions) where I share my thoughts and culinary skills. Generally I share easy and tasty recipes which can be tried by any one starting from novice to experienced, bachelor to married persons. 

I also share my thoughts about life, day-to-day incidents, some childhood memories, traveling experiences, product reviews and many more. Hence, my blog is named as Motions and Emotions. As time passes by (Motion or velocity), it fades the old memories and brings new ray of hopes (Emotions) in your life. And among all these you have to keep on moving, matching the rhythm of the life. So cook healthy and eat well to fuel your system. Hope you all will like and enjoy this diary .

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I am also available for freelance work as a recipe writer or food columnist. Please feel free to contact me at  jhumu.here@gmail.com.