Sunday, 3 September 2017

Avocado-Banana Smoothie

Avocado-Banana Smoothie is a healthy drink to start to your day. If you want to have a healthy breakfast quickly you can sip in to a glass of avocado banana smoothie. This will give you instant energy and keep your tummy filled for longer duration. Avocado is also known as butter fruit.

Needless to say that avocado has lot of health benefits. This is a fruit packed with lot of vitamins and minerals. Though avocado contains fat however it is considered as good fat which helps to lower bad cholesterol.So it is very important to include avocado in your diet.

Recently I prepared this avocado banana smoothie which turned out to be so creamy. Ripe avocado gives a good result when you are preparing smoothie. If you want to consume avocado next then buy a ripe one. If you want to consume it after 3 to 4 days then buy a green avocado (less ripen) and keep it outside, slowly it will ripen.

As I mentioned it is filling drink, even you can sip it before going for workout. I had it before one and half hour before yoga class and after I came from the class I was not very hungry. You can have it as on the way breakfast. These days mason jars are very useful. You prepare the avocado-banana smoothie and pack it in a mason jar and sip in while you are travelling in a car pool or cab. Isn't it a great idea.

Avocado-Banana Smoothie

Avocado - 1(standard size)
Banana Robust - 1
Yogurt - 1/2 cup
Milk - approx 1 cup to 11/2 cup
Honey - 2 tablespoon (adjust according to your taste bud)


1. Cut the avocado and scoop cut the flesh and discard the seed.
2. Take the flesh of avocado, peeled banana and yogurt in a blender and blend until smooth.
3. Now slowly add the milk  and honey into the blender and blend once again.
4. Pour it in glass and serve immediately.

Tips: If you prefer cold smoothie then you can add ice cubes or you can use chilled milk.


  1. I love avocado smoothies adding banana is a great idea..looks yumm

    1. I think it is a good idea to add avocado in a smoothies, with banana it will taste great.

  2. lovely smoothie! perfect to start a day!

  3. Awesome combo, creamy and delicious!


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