Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Hack The Mind of Indian (#MoreIndianThanYouThink)

Have you watched this recent TVC of Lufthansa? If not, then I would suggest you to watch it right now! A TVC which will make you feel proud as an Indian! Growing global influence of India will make you think #MoreIndianThanYouThink.

India is a developing country and India's growing influence is appreciated around the globe. We are not lagging behind anymore. In each and every field Indians are shining with their own way of thinking which depends on Indian ideologies, values and culture, the secret behind many successful Indians. Top MNCs including Google, PepsiCo, Microsoft, SoftBank, MasterCard (to name a few)  are leading by Proud Indians. We have explored the space too and created history by launching 104 satellites in one go. We are proud of our Indian cricket team. Indian food has also made a special place in World's cuisine. Words like Bhelpuri’, Keema, ‘Papad’ and ‘Dhaba’ have made their place in Oxford Dictionary. World's political culture is also influenced by our Indian politics. People around the world must be wondering what is the secret behind all these success stories?

I believe this is the specialty of Indian culture. We are being taught and nurtured from the ground level and slowly scale up ourselves as we grow more. At the same time, our culture teaches us to be patient and down to earth. As we learn we also share our knowledge which enriches us other way.

Last year we visited to United States of America which is a developed country. So we normally read in articles that we should learn lot of things from the developed countries and implement in our country for the betterment of our country. However, I never thought that certain things what we learnt in our childhood can make us superior.  It was a fine evening and we went for shopping. We purchased and stood in a queue for billing. Normally, the queue moves faster but it was not happening though. I could see from a distance that the billing counter girls were looking worried. So my fellow shoppers said their calculating machine (computer) is not working and they are unable to process them in a manual way too as it involves mathematics :). 

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Other fellow shoppers were also worried so I walked to the counter girls and they explained me it was literally impossible for them to do the addition and subtraction manually as they have never done it without a calculator. Though they had smart phones but they wanted someone to supervise the matter. I did manually and they cross checked through their smart phones and the chaos was solved quickly. That time I was remembering our school days how we learnt numbers and then addition, multiplication, subtraction without using calculator which made us independent of machines. I was recalling how my father used to teach us addition! He used take two baskets and few fruits and used say suppose pink basket contains 2 apples and green basket contains 3 apples, so how many apples are there in total! Not to forget that, Aryabhatta was the first Indian mathematician who first uses the concept of zero. I was really feeling happy to help them out using my basic knowledge which I learnt in an Indian curriculum.

A fun way of illustrating that two plus three equals five using red cherries on a white background.
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I think it  is all in our culture and upbringing which makes us rich in knowledge and we shine as global leaders! So if someone wants to beat Indians, the key is #MoreIndianThanYouThink.

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