Sunday, 12 March 2017

Thandai Sharbat / Thandai Sherbat

This is yet another colourful post..Because this is the continuation of my last post...You must be thinking why no colours (colorful pics, rangs etc.) in the post! Actually, I am talking about Holi and cherishing some good old memories so aren't these posts colourful! 'Zindagi ke rang hain ish me' ...Since I am in Bangalore, we have not celebrated holi in a very grand way as everyone goes to office and not much celebrated here.. However, I wanted our daughter to know about various festivals of our country. So last time I got dry colours and we two (mom & daughter jodi) played Holi puting little colurs on our face. Today on the way back from her school she saw neighbourhood kids in colours (they played holi in their school) and while entering into house she asked "when  is Holi? Bring some colours and this time I want to make my full face colorful. Last time you had put little colours"...I was like 'Ahh! how can this little girl (5 yrs) could remember one year old stuff '...Even I was happy in my mind that my purpose is served, she has started remembering the festivals and rituals ---- A true Indian by heart no doubt.

Now today I am sharing the thandai sherbat recipe. I prepared this thandai drink using the homemade thandai masala. This is an easy recipe because you can prepare the masala one or two days earlier. So on the Holi day you can just prepare the thandai sherbat..

Wish all my readers Happy Colourful and Safe Holi ...

Do share your Holi experiences or any small incident related to it...

Thandai Sharbat / Thandai Sherbat


Full Cream Milk - 2 cups
Sugar - 2 tablespoon
Saffron Strands - few
Thandai Masala Powder - 2 tablespoon
Dry Rose Petals for garnishing


1. Take milk in a saucepan and add saffron strands.Switch on the gas.
2. Now add sugar and bring it to boil. Simmer the flame till the sugar dissolves.
3. Next add thandai masala and mix well. Keep it on low flame for 3 to 4 minutes.
4. Pour the milk in glass and allow it to cool before keeping it in the refrigerator. Serve chill with rose petals.

Note: Many prefer smooth milk, hence you can strain the milk before pouring it to glass.


  1. Happy holi dear.. loved your refreshing thandai

  2. Thankdai is my favourite drink.. but I make it with less milk and more almonds.

  3. The thandai sounds so interesting... I guess I must make some and try...

  4. An easy and refreshing sharbat :) First time I celebrated holi this year as we are in Pune this year and made sure my one year old also saw and enjoyed it ! Making memories and taking forward the tradition :)

  5. Looks so delicious, would love to have some..

  6. Looks refreshing. Happy Holi to you and your loved ones.

  7. Colors are the bounds of life. This sherbat completes all of it.

  8. lovely cool cool post n awesome plating too...

  9. yummy thandai! perfect for the season!

  10. looks so to have one glass

  11. Priya @asmallbite
    Very nice share and superb pics...

  12. It looks delicious. So refreshing and yummy :)


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