Monday, 5 December 2016

Life Under The Sea ---- Monterey Bay Aquarium

Our readers are very much patient! Thank you so much for waiting so long for the next part of my travelogue.. After the first two parts here I will share my experience about life under the sea which I came across in Monterey Bay Aquarium. If you are first time here then go through these articles ---  Thrill of Crossing International Date Line and Golden Memories of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is located in Monterey, California. You can enjoy and experience the marine life here. From Milpitas or San Jose, it is almost 1 and half hour drive. The drive is awesome with scenic beauty. Once we are near the Monterey the cottages are so beautiful and well decorated.

It resembles like picture perfect. We parked our vehicle in a parking slot and choose to walk through the road for almost a mile. There are lot shops on both the sides of the road and one place is specially dedicated to eateries, specifically Seafood specialties. We decide to visit the aquarium first followed by some seafood lunch.

We started with Jelly fish.. Our daughter wad really very excited to see all the sea creatures..There are varieties of Jelly fish---starting from small, medium, big, tiny and many more.

Never thought that the life under the sea is so colorful and adventurous. We saw almost all types of fish including different types of sharks like Hammerhead shark, leopard shark, tiny shark and many more. We also observed corals, seahorses, Octopuses, Giant Lobster and Crab, Penguins, etc.

Even you can touch and feel certain sea creatures like star fish, snails, etc.. No I am scare of these creatures I didn't take a chance but two animal lovers in my house did not miss this opportunity to touch and cuddle (That's what our daughter said, they needed cuddling :P) them.

A tour is never finished without tasting food :).. So as we planned before entering the aquarium we went to a famous seafood restaurant and relished some real seafood. I am allergic to shrimps but still I tried as I couldn't stop myself  and there was no allergy this time! Lucky me :)

On the way back we decided to go through 17 mile drive and pebble beach. It is a scenic road through pebble beach and Pacific grove. Just before the sun is setting down we were driving through this beautiful path.

The beauty of the nature will bring out the romanticism in the most unromantic person. Yes! I did not have any other words to describe this beauty. We went to the beach but the water of Pacific was ice cold so couldn't stand more than half an hour..


  1. Took me a tour of the Aquarium!! nice write up !!

  2. What pretty pics! That jelly fish is wow... my sister just shared the pictures to Baltimore Aquaruim a couple of days back... :)

  3. Fun and happiness with family must always be praised. Been to a couple of aquariums around the world. True, the beauty of the underworld is such a pleasure to admire.

  4. Beautiful write up .Feels like i am witnessing the beauty live .beautiful clicks !!


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