Saturday, 7 April 2018

My Legume Love Affair Event - #117 Round Up

Hello Dear Readers,

A month passed so fast and we are at the end of MLLA - #117. I thank every one out there for participating in this event.

If you want to participate April month's event, it is hosting by Vidhya’s Vegetarian Kitchen. 

Thank you to my friend Lisa Turner for the opportunity. There are total 10 wonderful recipes. 
Let's round up this event and take a quick look at the wonderful recipes.

Monday, 2 April 2018

#SayYesToTheWorld and Enrich Life!

The above video shows a bunch of people across the world sharing their thoughts that why do they love the world.  This video has inspired me to share why do I love the world and my most cherished discoveries and travel experiences.

I am an avid traveller who dreams to be a world traveller one day.  The idea of loving the world excites me as I love to visit different places, want to meet different peoples, know about their cultures and cuisines, learn about their history and enjoy those moments being with them and cherish those memories throughout the lifetime.  My travel journey started at very early age with my parents and sister. My father loves to travel and those days we travelled various places in India. He always encouraged me to write the travel stories and gradually, he have sown the seeds of travelling in me. I can say I got the travel inspiration from my father.

As I grew older, I was more interested to know the people around the world. Travelling around the world gives us an opportunity to know other countries, their disciplines, about their climate condition and their survival stories. The most interesting part of the travel is it makes us open-minded and increases the circle of our knowledge.

My life-partner is also an adventure loving person so there was no full stop in my travel journey. Each trip we made memorable, be it a short or long. The way my father showed the path of enjoyment being a traveller, we as a parent also sowing the seed of travelling by making her part of our travel journey.

In 2016, opportunity knocked our door and we packed our bag to experience our first ever world travel. We visited San Francisco and Los Angeles. Los Angeles was included in our travel schedule as per the request of our Junior Traveller. She wanted to meet her favourite cartoon characters and their world. Yes I am talking about our visit to Dreamland Disneyland. We never thought that in our first ever World trip we could visualize the dream come true moment! Thanks to our Junior for choosing the destination so wisely. Who doesn't want to live in a dream world? We have already experienced it and going to cherish it throughout our life.

We travelled from one Silicon valley (Bangalore) to the another Silicon valley (San Francisco). When we first got down from flight and walking out from the Airport, first thing we realized that the people residing in United States of America are very much disciplined. It became more prominent after observing the traffic rules during our stay. I really loved it. One day we were travelling through a high way which was packed however, we could not hear a single blow of horn! Can you imagine? That means we can ride slowly and patiently in a heavy traffic jam too without doing air pollution.

The Iconic Golden Gate Bridge
 Anyplace we travel, we make sure to try out the popular food of that place. In San Francisco, we got exposure to varieties of cuisine other than American cuisine as it is home for many different nationals. Pier 39 is a must visit for every foodie especially the seafood lovers. I experienced my first crab tasting with a giant crab. The taste of butter garlic crab salivates me whenever I think about it. Apart from that memorable crab meal, we tasted middle-east platters, authentic Italian, Mexican and Chinese cuisine at various restaurants. I totally enjoyed the American style breakfast.

The landscapes are beautiful and could not stop clicking the shutter.  I closely experienced the geography and demography of that place. I experienced the ice cold water of Pacific ocean and also saw the wild fire while travelling towards Yosemiti.

On the way to Yosemiti

Pacific Ocean
Visit to Los Angeles especially to Disneyland was remarkable. Our daughter met her favourite cartoon characters (Mickey & Minnie). Even we went back to our childhood with all the Disney characters. We all were on cloud nine and enjoyed the visit to the fullest.
It was a fun-filled, adventurous trip and we returned back to India with lot of unforgettable sweet memories.

Castle in Disney Land
Junior with her favourite Mickey Mouse
In the world of Fairy Tale
Finally, we returned back to India with lots of experiences, incidents and happy memories which we often cherish in our leisure. So I would obviously respond affirmative #SayYesToTheWorld. Loving the world opens up the closed door of minds and provides wonderful opportunity to know different people and their lives.

Click the here to know more about  #SayYesToTheWorld. 

Sunday, 25 March 2018

#CuttingPaani at Home: An effective way of water conservation

Have you watched this video? Sometimes kids teach us lot many important things in life which we often ignore.

One day our daughter said "today we have learnt water cycle and water sources at school. Mam asked what are the sources of water? One of my friend told Water Tanker". She then asked me "Is that the correct answer, mamma?"

A simple question made me realize that we are heading towards a horrifying future of zero day. In big cities like Bangalore we are facing a severe water crisis. Level of ground water is decreasing very fast. In mega cities, most of the households are dependent on water tanker. Hence, water tanker has become the source of water to the kid who has seen it supplying water everyday. Actually the kids learn things which they see at their surroundings.

Water bodies are drying up or they are heavily polluted by sewage water, industrial pollutants or by various human activities.  Have we ever thought what are you going to gift to our future generation? Aren't we endangering our future generation towards uncertainty? It is the high time we conserve water for ourselves to save our future generation. 

Conserving drinking water is the first step which we often ignore. #CuttingPaani is a wonderful initiative by Livpure to conserve drinking water. 

Image Courtesy: IndiBlogger
It is our tradition to welcome a guest with a full glass of water. We also serve a full glass of water along with a meal. It is observed that most of the time people do not drink the full glass of water. So most of the time the remaining glass of water we throw off and waste the water. We can save this water by serving half glass water and if someone asks more we can serve more. 

Image Courtesy:
Here are some simple tips to save water which will indirectly save our future generation:
  • We take water bottles to school or work. Many of us unable to finish the water in the bottle and finally we end up throwing the remaining water before cleaning the bottle. Instead of throwing we can use this for watering the plants or for washing clothes.
  • Recently I was reading in newspaper that a start up has come up with an innovative idea to save water. In restaurants, they always serve with a full glass of water. The company have started marked glasses (just like the marked medicine cups) for restaurant to serve only required water upto the mark. We can also use small cups or glasses to serve water and if required we can refill them again.
  • Do not leave the kitchen when you have put water on gas for boiling. Because if you forget to switch off the gas on time the water will evaporate and you will loose that water. 
  • While purifying the water some water purifiers waste a certain percentage of water. You can take out that waste water in a bucket and use it for watering plants, washing cars or for other household works.
  • If you have take out excess ice to make your drink and cannot use all. Then instead of throwing the ice put them in water jug and later can use for multiple household purposes.
  • Use a bucket instead of hose to clean your car or water the plants. It saves lot of water.
  • We often waste water by running the tap while cleaning utensils. We can close the sink outlet and fill it up with water and clean the utensils without wasting excess water.
  • Fix the leaks of the taps to save water. 
  • Let's grow the healthy habit to save water in our kids. Ask them to close the tap while brushing their teeth or use the bucket instead of shower taps for taking bath. 
Let's come together and make a big success to this novel initiative of  #CuttingPaani by Livepure. Even saving single drop of water can save life because little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. 

Image Courtesy:
Here is the petition started by Livpure. I would request my readers to sign the petition which will be submitted to restaurant owners and concerned government authorities to take appropriate measures for the implementation of #CuttingPaani..