Friday, 23 February 2018

Choco Cookie Bark

Hello All the Readers,

How have you been?

I hope by now you must have understood that I went into a hibernation period, it is not that I have come back from that state and regularly keep on updating the blog. It is still uncertain. It's not that I do not want to update it but I am unable to take out sometime to update it.  The work pressure is too much to keep the balance between by professional and personal life. But I would say I am happily surviving. I like to be very busy but at times I prefer leisure time. So many thoughts come in my mind and I feel like open a blogpost and update it but that very next moment either an email pops up with some urgent marking or I get a call from the client. So immediately I keep my thoughts aside and jump into the emergency situation! Yes these days writers face this kind of emergency, earlier it used to be a calm and quiet leisure time job! Days are changing and we are evolving 😉

I think I have talked too much ( still feel like haven't talked much about my situation) now it is time share a recipe which is sitting in the draft for quite sometime now. Choco cookie bark is an easy kid's friendly recipe. This is a very good handmade edible gift for the occasions like Christmas, Diwali, Children's day or return gift of kid's birthday party. Choco cookie bark recipe got featured in UNIBIC Cookie's official FB page. 😊😊

This chocolate cookie bark I have prepared before my last hometown visit for my niece and family. Kids as well as adults everyone enjoyed this bark. The recipe is a very simple one. Amateur cooks can also try and surprise their near and dear ones. Teenagers can also try this if they are able to operate microwave. This is a no-fire cooking. If someone does not have a microwave then they can do it on stove-top (then it is not a no fire cooking). They can use Double-boiler method  to melt the chocolate instead of microwave. I have used UNIBIC Choco Nut Cookie. You can use any other brand too. The reason behind the use of choco nut cookie, it gives a good crunch to the bark with a nutty and chocolaty flavour. Do try this easy recipe at home and share your valuable feedbacks. Check out the recipe below and till then I am signing off and promising to come back soon...

Choco Cookie Bark


Choco Nut Cookie - 6 nos ( Unibic)
Dark Chocolate - 125 gms, chopped
White Chocolate - 50 gms, (chopped)

 1. Break the cookies into small pieces and keep it in a bowl.
2. Line a tray with a butter paper and keep aside.
3. Now take dark chocolate in a microwave proof bowl and melt it. It might take 1.5 to 2 minutes in microwave.
4. After that add more than half of the quantity of broken cookies into the melted  and mix immediately.
5. After that take a spoonful of mixture and place on the lined tray keeping a distance of approx. one inch.
6. Place the remaining mixture in a same manner in rows and columns.
7. Now same way melt white chocolates and mix remaining cookies pieces.
8. Now take spoonful of this mixture and place in the gap of two chocolate mixtures such way that it fill all the in between gaps and make a big size bark.
9. After that take a toothpick and make swirls by mixing both the chocolate mixtures.
10. Now keep the tray in the refrigerator for an hour.
11. Take out the tray and break the big bark into pieces.
12. You can serve the pieces or store them in an airtight container.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Plattershare --- Homechef meet in association with Farmz2Familiez and Dhyaana Wellbeing Cafe

Few days back I have received an email from Kirti about the first Plattershare homechef meet in Bangalore in association with Farmz2familliez. I am going through a busy schedule, but I checked my calendar and blocked the date as I was very much excited to meet Kirti as well as all the Bangalore based homechefs. Scheduled meet was on 3rd of February at 10 am. The venue sponsor was Dhyaana Wellbeing Café. The location is totally different than any normal café. When I reached the venue, I received warm welcome from Plattershare team. After that, we (homechefs) are introducing each other, it was pleasure to meet those people whom we met in a virtual social media platform and now meeting them physically is really an awesome experience.  My Saturday started on a positive note!

Dhyaana Wellbeing Café, Indiranagar

A Group Photo Image courtesy: Plattershare

A warm detox drink was served to welcome us. I just loved the taste of it and keen to know the recipe of it. After the initial introductory session. We were taken inside where two more surprises were waiting for us. Plattershare cofounder, Kirti gave a short and sweet introductory speech and after that one of the founder of the event sponsor F2F, Srilatha told us more about Farmz2familiez.

Earlier I was part of the Belly Nirvana Program and used their batter which really very good. Anyone can use these batters instead of market available fastfoods and prepare tasty recipes for the kids as well as adults. Click the link to know what all healthy options you can prepare with simple idli/dosa batters.  They have Multigrain Batter, Adai Batter, Appam Batter, Idli/Dosa Batter, Multi Millet Batter, Medu Vada Batter. These batters are not availabale in the Supermarkets as they are preservative free. You can visit their website and place a order or avail them through Daily Ninja or Doodhwala App.

Dhyaana café chef is showing the detox drink preparation

Two live cooking session was arranged for us. Chef of Dhyaana shared the recipe of the detox drink which I was really keen to know. All the daily spices including turmeric powder, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, julienne ginger, fennel seeds, green tea leaves  are being used to prepare this lovely detox drink.

Plattershare homechef and content partner Rajaeswari is cooking Carrot Adai Bites

Yummy Bites are getting ready

Ready to be Gobbled

Next session was the live demo of making Quick Carrot Adai Bites using F2F Adai batter. Plattershare homechef and content partner Rajeswari Annamalai gave this live demo and we tasted these delicious bites. She had used a creamy tomato-mint-cashew chutney as a spread on those small adai circles. The chutney really compliments the adai.

A must selfie, not an expert though

After the cooking session, we had a wonderful session where we actually learnt about healthy wellbeing. Mr. Gopi Krishnaswamy from Dhyaana Wellbeing studio talked about healthy wellbeing and how to develop that. He talked about the difference between wellness and wellbeing. He made us realize that to be aware of each and every small thing we have and be grateful for that. Our busy lifestyle has made us mechanical and we have forgot to be thankful for getting the opportunity to live each and everyday. His session really gave us calmness to our mind. We also learnt about mindful eating. Post the session we had a bowlful of comfort food followed by a glass of cold iced tea.

Comfortable Meal after a good session

Finally we received gift hampers from F2F and plattershare. I really love those thoughtful gift hampers.

Thoughtful Gifts

We all said bye to each other and hoping to meet them once again. I headed towards home  with a bunch of good memories! My heartfelt thanks to Plattershare, Farmz2Familiez and Dhyaana Wellbeing Café.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Noise Goes on Toss When You Choose Bose

Sitting quietly next to the window and staring at the sky on a lazy afternoon took me back to the memories of my past self! Life has changed a lot. A college girl turned into a professional, got married and later became a 'Mom'. It was a long journey and a roller coaster ride. I was an independent career focused girl however, motherhood changed my focus and the little angel is on the top of my priority list. I remember I was a hard-core music lover. Those college days I had a small FM radio which used to give me relaxed mind after morning to evening busy college schedule. Later my father gifted me a Walkman which was my companion for a longer period. Later I joined corporate job and purchased a mobile with mp3 player. After a hectic day it used to sooth my mind and I used to relax.
Image Courtesy:
Since I became a mother I am surrounded with lot of things.  I slowly started my professional career as a work from home professional. However, sometimes I do miss my solitude and musical relaxation. Many a times I put my earphones to listen the song but hardly I am able to finish it without any disturbances. Little angel watch Television and her cartoon characters  yell badly, I put a pause to my music and ask her to tone down the volume. Angel takes out her toy basket and her toys do speak or make sounds (I only purchased them 😐😐), again one more pause to my music. Angel goes out to play in corridor with her friends and you know outdoor plays cannot be quiet. When she goes to school I have 'n' number things to do --- taking client calls, finishing my writing projects, arranging things and other household chores. At times it happens while working I really forget to check some important messages. So no time for music and melodies during my working hour because once I enter into the musical world I may forget many things for that I may have to pay penalty later. 
Image Courtesy:
Recently my eyes got stuck into an advertisement while searching something else in the internet. I saw a Future Ready wireless headphone Bose QuietComfort 35 II which is Google VPA enabled. I could not overlook it and move on to the next page because my mind got a spark by seeing the features of it. It again revived my dormant wish to enjoy the musical moments of past without affecting my present schedule. Without wasting my time I started researching about Bose QC35 II, so that I can have one in my possession soon. 

Image Courtesy:

I am amazed by each of the feature of Bose QC35 II.  It has Google assistant built right into the headphones, so while listening to music I can receive texts and manage other daily tasks with my voice. I do not have to look into my smart phone. Pressing the action button I can start a conversation with my assistant. With Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology it cancels the outside noise and that's how I can detach myself from the noisy environment and enjoy my music. Building material of the headphone is so good that I can wear it for a longer time. In my busy schedule I often miss to charge my electronic gadgets frequently. Thanks to Bose QC35 II , it has up to 20 hrs of battery life. It has awesome sound quality which is an important criteria for a headphone. Google enabled VPA is an additional feature which would be very helpful for me about reminding certain tasks. Now with Future ready Bose QC35 II I can be the boss of my solitude musical moments. To know more about it don't forget to read this.